Opinel knife review! A recap

An article I still stand behind, though I am also a fan of Ganzo knives in 440c made in China, a solid company, solid steel and good designs, similar to many current models on the market, simply far less money. 

Not AS good as some they copy, but better than a few as well.


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Post Action Adrenal Dump: Using tribal fighting knowledge to make us better

What do you think, and why?


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My preferences in FOLDING knives and steels: Why they matter!

Reprint, worth reading!


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Disabled St. Jude patient sues airport and TSA after bloody scuffle with Airport Police | WREG.com

First, she should win hundreds of millions –
Bankrupt the system, I am rooting for her. 
Second, the offending officers should be targeted and removed from their position at the very least. With NO possibility of ever regaining it.


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Editors note – I agree with the general premise of this article- though I for one see that what exists now is already fubar!


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