Self- Defense

Many individuals take issue with the idea of self defense especially when that defense results in the homicide of an aggressor. Those who most often are against natural right of self defense also likely heavily involved within the state itself. It is the goal of this author and editor to help others understand that justifiable homicide or self defense is in no way contradictory with regards to the non aggression principle. My personal approach is simple and follows.


Do not be an aggressor against anyone or anyone’s property, if someone acts with aggression against you or your property, defend yourself or your property. (In addition – I believe in the defense of the innocent against aggression for which they have no or are currently incapable of defense, this does not extend to the states mandates regarding protecting individuals from themselves. I will not interfere in a persons choices unless those choices are a clear threat to my well being or safety.)

If it is voluntary between all individuals involved, it is always good. If it is not voluntary between those involved, it is always bad. 


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