As an individual I understand that freedom is difficult to physically have in the world we currently reside in, however, I can and do live freely on a mental level. My thoughts are without restrictions or government and this is why I write while I still can. I understand that many others may eventually decide that my thoughts are dangerous and subversive. This does not concern me as truth is rarely accepted without either inner or external struggle.


Freedom is a purely individual thing. Each of us has the ability to be free right now today. However, we must break the bonds of slavery that hold our minds, thoughts and emotions in check. We may remain physical slaves of others due to whichever state is currently in control, however, by freeing our minds we have become truly free. As the Scarecrow said, “If you can go and find me a leg just like this one, I shall be very obliged.” I enjoy the assistance and help that comes from reading others works, watching others videos and listening as others explain their thoughts. However, until I take myself in hand I cannot be free. And as I have said many times, I do not want to be equal even though broken down I may be, I simply want my freedom and no man can stand in the way of that.


You're thinking it, write it!

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