Want to write?

This has  been an outlet for Jesse Mathewson to write and share with others. Over 2013, however, there was a substantial upswing in interest in what was being written. As I have been concentrating on other projects as well and wish to devote more of my time to those I have opened this blog up to others who have the desire to share what they know.

The following is a message from Jesse for all readers and authors.

Only one rule, but it is a big one.

NOTHING PROMOTING AGGRESSIVE VIOLENCE. Self defence is not aggressive violence. Rape, child abuse, murder, theft and large governments are all aggressively violent. Promotion of these things will result in suspension of your abilities on this site. This is my prerogative as the owner of the blog, outside of this I refuse to change or affect in any way that which the various authors decide to publish here. I believe in freedom and this is a position that cannot be equivocated. Freedom as it is commonly defined is, “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” My position regarding aggressive violence is a personal one and while I do not expect everyone to understand it is up to the authors to agree or disagree. This is where I draw the line, you may accept this voluntarily or not.

The following is a list of benefits and abilities as well as guidelines for authors.

  • You would be the author, how your name appears would be entirely up too you. You would have your own bio page and promotion of material as well as editing and anything directly related to your articles would remain solely in your control. The owner of the blog would not edit or change anything. Again the only caveat would be direct promotion of aggressive violence. There is no requirement as to what you put or how you decide to have yourself known.
  • Your topic is also entirely up to you, if you would like a regularly scheduled column, for example, every Thursday at 0600 EST. You can set this up, add a specific page explaining what it is you are doing and be sure to use a specific category type as well as appropriate tags. I highly recommend using one of the more popular keyword or popular search word lists. I have a list of these if you so desire.
  • As individuals our word is our bond, this is most easily lost on the internet. My personal recommendation is that you always use the highest ethical standards when writing an article. I attempt to cite works from others. I do not, however personally believe in copyrighted work. This does not mean I do not believe in giving due where it should be. This is why I will link to others when able or cite when necessary. I use the following free programs for inline citations, Son of Citation allows easy plug and use for citations.
  • If you decide to have advertisers within your individual posts any monetary reimbursements from these are yours alone. As such any tax related questions if you care about that are again entirely up too you.
  • In the near future there will be advertisers on the blog itself, the proceeds will be split equally based on production and level of activity among all authors. An active author for the sake of reimbursement is someone who posts a new and original article once a week. Reblogs and reposts do not count towards activity though again they can and will generate views which again will be counted into revenue. Basically, if you only repost others work you will not receive a share in proceeds generated. However, if you post at least one weekly article or 4 original posts in a month you will be counted as active.
  • Any and all questions regarding the features of the blog and how they are used should be directed to Jesse Mathewson at, jesse.mathewson@hotmail.com

Free the mind and the body will follow


4 Responses to Want to write?

  1. lifeprepper says:

    My You Tube site Life Prepper. I have grown and learn much over the course of time. Now I don’t have years of prepping under my belt. What I do have is the need to learn and reteach myself. Among the many things I have talked about and share is the difference types of preppers. One is talking about the handicap people. It seems most of the You Tube sites I come across. Either will put them down or not want to talk about them at all. They stand in front of the camera and say how great I look. I will make it because I am in shape. You are useless because you are handicap is what they bring out in the prepper world. They never think about what if it happen to them. A broken leg, sickness or many things could turn them into a handicap prepper. Handicap preppers just have to do things difference. They have to set up things and fight difference. Where they may not have the use of their legs anymore. They will make up for it by using their brain. To turn their limits into their favor. Wake up all preppers and take a look at yourself. We are growing older and you need to step back and think what you might look like10 years from now. Prepping is for everyone and we all need to support each other no matter what

    Life Prepper/ you tube
    Joan Valkyrie Short


  2. Hey, Jesse, have a look at https://survivingurbancrisis.wordpress.com/ and see if you think my stuff fits in. If so, I can post new stuff here and on my page at the same time. I would like to do this that way, cuz I’m too lazy to write two articles in the same week!


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