Have I kept my word?

I would love to hear from readers about the above question.

From buying to selling to simply helping have I kept my word with you? I cannot in all honesty remember every single person I have had dealings with over the years though I know it is in the thousands. I have always striven to keep my word as that is important to me as an individual who attempts to live the principles he writes about. And so I ask of those reading, comment do it anonymously if you want but please comment honestly. A general date, general action involved and either a good or bad review would be extremely beneficial.Frontend

Let others reading know if you would do business with me again, why or why not and most importantly, have I kept my word. Currently on the blog there are three other individuals with access to the settings. I will be placing them in charge of comments as well. They and NOT I will have access to the comments for this page. My integrity has been questioned, and I wish to show others the truth, in YOUR words!
Thank you in advance and remember…

Free the mind and the body will follow!


19 Responses to Have I kept my word?

  1. Emberlea says:

    Oh damn, Jesse, I had no idea this was going on for you. I have been wondering what happened. You have always been super cool with me even when we disagree! I would do business with you any day of the week and twice on Sunday! Hope everything has been resolved and that things are better. Much love my friend!

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  3. I’m sending this a little late, but I’d like to say when my post won his contest, he sent me the stuff I’d won back at the beginning of the year.


  4. Jay Simmons says:

    I have never had a dishonest dealing with you my friend. In all of our dealings, even when we disagree on one point or another, they have been fair and mutually beneficial. I appreciate the sharing of knowledge and experience that you have extended to me.


  5. Mike Ford says:

    Jesse and I have had a few over the internet monetary transactions long before I ever met him in person. When I finally did get to travel out and meet him, it was like we’d known each other for years and he opened his house up to me to stay the night.

    As far as his training ability, he worked with me on two separate occasions and also helped my wife get back into shooting all with his equipment, on his dime just as he said he would. I still get great firearm advice regularly and because of his help I’ll soon be purchasing my first handgun.


  6. ToniDaTyga says:

    I’ve never met Jesse in person but have interacted with him for a few years via Facebook. He has always been straightforward and honest regardless of the circumstances. He is very no nonsense and probably has hurt a few feelings along the way because he stands by what he believes in. So whatever accusations are cropping up probably have more to do with someone being butthurt than real life events.


  7. cavpatriot says:

    I concur with all the above comments. Jesse has always been fair in any dealings I’ve had with him, and even more generous in imparting his knowledge. And challenged me to think. And that is perhaps the greatest gift of all.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Jesse’s always been good in my book.


  9. Richard Rpknaz says:

    Jesse and I have had a few dealings and has followed through and done exacty as he said he would.

    He is generous, the amount of knowledge he shares. I am constantly tested, to learn and think outside the norm.

    You are damn good friend to have.

    Thank you my brother. If you ever have need of me, you have but to ask. I would be honored to stand at your side.


  10. Questioning integrity is usually one of two things, and knowing you personally I can hardly believe that unethical behavior is one of them. This means the accuser has run out of valid arguments. ESPECIALLY if they can provide no material evidence, just a vague accusation.


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