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History of PTSD and understanding it: Why it matters for survivalists/ preppers and bushcrafters

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More gun control will not save us!

congress seeks to pass new legislation banning all assault rifles /and offers the pious judgement that it is “a step forward.” “Crime statistics,” it appears, “show that 90% of the murders that take place are committed by the use of … Continue reading

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Anne Franks Diary (a known hoax) and Mein Kampf (Hitlers own words :( ) in the public domain!

Anne Frank’s Diary and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf Both Enter the Public Domain on Friday – Free the mind and the body will follow

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Book review: 1984 | Trailer Park Prepper

We are already there. Sadly.

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Keep Christ out of Christmas | Trailer Park Prepper

From a Christ follower, and fellow prepping family man.

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