Thermite as a tool: Using a legal, lethal combination safely

“There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. It is only one who is thoroughly acquainted with the evils of war that can thoroughly understand the profitable way of carrying it on.” Sun Tsu

The following article is specifically designed as an educational piece and does not promote use of this mixture by untrained individuals. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. The reaction from this experiment is extremely hot and WILL result in burns to self or others and should NEVER be done without proper protective gear and or a laboratory setting by trained individuals.

Thermite at its base is a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum powder combined with a high heat induction to start the exothermic reaction that allows for a very high heat that can be used for welding, cutting and more.

Iron oxide is rust, simple rust and it can be collected by inducing rust in iron or steel objects and collecting the residual powder, or it can be legally purchased from a variety of sources. Red  Iron Oxide is my favorite for mixing this compound, however, understand that rust WILL stain almost all surfaces it touches, and work surfaces and clothing should be used taking this into account.

Aluminum powder can be easily manufactured by grinding aluminum bars, cans or fixtures down and collecting the resulting powdered residue. This however, generally results in a rougher mesh (size) I have found that 30 micron or smaller tends to light easiest and still allows for an extremely high heat when mixed appropriately.

These two powdered metals or residues from metals oxidizing as a result of contact with oxygen should be stored in plastic containers and are not reactive when stored already mixed, though I prefer to store them separately as other mixtures can be made using these particular metal/compounds. What follows is my personal mixture tested thoroughly and shown to work 99.9% of the time when lit with a common cannon fuse.
Understand that the terms used should be fully researched prior to using this mixture, also understand that I accept no liability for the misuse of this combination or derivatives from it.

I will be providing no pictures or videos in concert with this mixture for purely legal reasons. As again this is specifically an educational piece based on individual research.

My mixture lights easier, works better and ensures constant regular ignition with simple cannon fuzing or the use of electrical fuses as deemed necessary by the individual user.
Preface- Use standard concrete blocks as a base, and surrounding the area completely for safety!
1. Mix equal parts by VOLUME (not weight or any other measure) of iron oxide and aluminum powder.
2. Mix in 1/3 of the total current mixture of sulfur powder.
3. The fuse itself is comprised of crushed common sparklers (not paper wrapped, the cheap ones) into a fine powder and encased in a paper shell surrounding the cannon fuse itself, approximately one gram of powder is sufficient. I also use a discharged rifle casing, drilled in the middle with a 3/32’s bit and crimped over fuse out the front- this allows for flame to come out of the holes lighting easily!
4. Place the fuse into the middle of the well mixed mixture of sulfur, iron oxide and aluminum powder, use approximately 6-12 inches of cannon fuse for safety.
5. Light with standard lighter or match.
6. Stand back about 10 yards and watch, you will not be disappointed.
7. DO NOT BREATHE the resulting smoke, it is poisonousness in quantity. It will completely melt any containing devices used and the fusing assembly as well.
8. Enjoy the knowledge that you can light thermite without using magnesium threading, torches and other hard to get and use items.


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