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I live and breath good steel – blade lengths, 10.5″ hardness at edge, 57-61 r, middle is 45-50 and spine is around 30 r – handmade, no single one is identical, though they are similar – 5160 jeep spring steel- ex ghurka khukri house manufacture – the Ghurka Service #1, almost unbreakable and amazing as a bushcraft blade/machete/zombie killing machine.

My opinion, based on extremely extensive testing, these and two other nepalese brands are the best when it comes to khukris- hands down. I have never had a single one of the following brands break, not once! And I am beyond harsh testing.

In order of my choices-

Ex Ghurka Khukri House – Ghurka Service #1 10.5″ blade. (Between this and the sirupate, its a difficult choice, for my go bag, but one always sits in cars/trucks/gobags)

Himalayan Imports – Ang Kola  12″ blade (a work of art, that is almost unbreakable!)

GK&Co.  – Sirupate 14″ blade

If you want KLB, KLK or KLS (khukri like blades/knives/swords) buy murikan, if you want truly well made, artistically individual blades- buy from one of the above only.

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