Another khukuri review: Sirupate versus Ghurka Khukuri service #1

Always ready and always testing. Its an essential part of bushcrafting to ensure you have the best equipment possible for the job at hand.
For myself, I have really become a fan of the khukuri as a bushcraft blade. Its a wonderful tool design. Whats important is ensuring you get a solid blade. While I have tested the Cold Steel machete style  (and didn’t like it) it works. Condor makes a version and there are other production versions.
Now for myself, when it comes to classic blade styles, I prefer the custom touch, it has character, soul if you will. So I have tested several various companies from Nepal. (And avoided both Pakistani and Indian knockoffs)
My current favorites are the EG&K and Ex Ghurka Khukuri House blades. They are well made, extremely durable and with one exception tempered correctly. A nice soft spine at around 25 rockwell, belly/midsection of 45 or so and edge between 58-60 which makes for a very durable, edge retaining bladeI.
The one exception had an edge that had been tempered unevenly, allowing for mild chipping. A simple reprofiling and stropping and it is back to work for this blade. I do not see this as a negative. Rather I see it as having worked quite well. Its not meant for cutting stone, so minor chipping during testing absolutely was expected.
If cut everything, chopped eucalyptus and mesquite equally well. Easily sliced paper, and continued to function very well. I would say again, this is an amazing blade type for survival and bushcraft.
Between the various styles I would suggest the Ghurka #1 or the Sirupate simply because they balance well.

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  1. cavpatriot says:

    Always loved Kukris. Sexy blades. 🙂


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