Quick review: KME Hewlett JewelStik 1-2-3 Diamond Hone for Curved Blades

Sometimes a product comes across that is so very good that it requires a special consideration. This is one of those,  a diamond hone/sharpening tool for curved blades.
Sure, you can use normal stones, however, to get a truly fine edge – this sharpening tool is necessary. As I am a large fan of karambits for defensive tools and kukris/khukhris for defensive/offensive and survival applications my use of them at times requires sharpening. With all good blades one should be able to sharpen once and than strop regularly with a solid jewlery rouge and leather strop to maintain the edge. Though, regular use will at times require the use of re profiling and edging.
This diamond hone/sharpener is an essential part of my daily kit and is worth every penny. The KME Hewlett jewel stick is lightweight and portable allowing for easy dry use and storage within the confines of my daily carry bag/survival and bush crafting bags as well.
Here are a list of pros and cons I have found over the past few months of useage.

1. It is lightweight and well built, sturdy and extremely well balanced regardless length of blade.
2. It can be used dry or wet (water preferable)
3. Pricing is higher than my normal approaches, though this is not a bad thing, it is inconvenient if money is scarce.
4. It is small, this makes it extremely beneficial for go bags, however, this also means one must be careful with larger blades.

Hopefully, this allowed for you to make a solid choice, however, if you have additions, changes or questions. Ask!

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