My EDC: A quick overview of what and why with my daily carry

When you come to a hill or a bank, occupy the sunny side, with the slope on your right rear.” Sun Tsu

Everyone has done an article or shown their fabled every day carry setups, otherwise known as EDC. What most fail to do almost to a man (or woman) is address the obvious. Each of us is different, living in a different area and used to a different climate type.

An edc should always reflect each individuals needs when weighed against their surroundings and climate. An edc should be tailored with every change in weather to fit the time you are in now. Simply put, an edc is only meant to ensure your immediate survival and comfort. Now some call the edc different things and tailor them accordingly. For some it is a 3 day bag, get home bag, break down bag or simple standard every day pocket carry.

There are several types of woodsmen/survivalists. The following list explains them and lists why they fit this criteria.

  1. The James Rawles survivalist; is the upper middle class, money can buy safety and only he knows best types. Most of them have zero to less then zero experience in anything other then a west point classroom or liberal arts degree and almost all of them work as computer techs and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on items they have never actually learned to use nor will they ever.
  2. The Abercrombie and Fitch preppers, you know the ones that buy the $300 specialty milled pocket tops because everyone else has one, the people who spent more on a specialty paint job their $5000 dollar 10” barreled AR then most sane people do on their carbine of choice. These types will never be seen anywhere except the range in Southern California, Texas or on Instagram and if you actually catch them practicing doing anything more then flexing muscles and replacing their penises you have my permission to have a heart attack.
  3. The ex army/cop/my brothers cousin aunts uncles first removed was special forces and I always know more then you. These wonderful people actually believe the lies they are taught, that somehow three years as an army man or marine or simply having a badge makes them invincible and always better then everyone else. These are the best ones, because they will go camping…in a camper or in refined paved areas with minimum four star camping potties.
  4. Lastly you have the woodsman. They are the ones that always smell a little like a campfire, rarely match in clothing choices and detest city life. These people spend more time in their neighboring mountains, swamps, deserts and woods then the local wildlife and are almost always laughed at by all of the other three because their gear is always well used, a little out of date and NEVER has a designer name tag unless they won it in a raffle…which if that happens they will almost always trade the designer name for two of the same thing that works as well anyhow.

Its the last one that fits myself and those I am closest too best. Sure we wont have the newest tent, best sleeping bags or the designer clothing from North Face or whichever new designer puts out the new clothing these days. We are the scroungers, the backwoods hillrods, those individuals that everyone of the others will at some point come too when their television dies and they realize naked chicks in the woods isnt real or that Bear Grylls is a cleverly designed marketing scheme. You see, we are the ones that can build a still, make our own mead and gain the most pleasure from simply being among our friends and families and away from others under the stars, clouds, ghettos, trailer parks, in the mountains, on the oceans or in the jungles.

Our EDC can range from a pocket knife that was made last century but still holds an edge and is used daily through our favorite straight blade and will always reflect where we live. My EDC always consists of two folding knives, one for utility purposes and the other that always is better suited for blood letting. A handgun or two, in the vehicle my carbine and go bag or EDC bag. This is the fun part, because I know by default those like me always have something like this. It isnt made up of specialty products and is always well worn or at least less worth then the Abercrombie preppers socks. But it functions. It works because it has been tried, used and in some cases reused.

This is why I wont go into details because those details dont matter. What does matter is that you have water, fire making equipment, a knife or two and knowledge of your local terrain and flora/fauna. Ensure you know what is around you, the more important question to ask is can you live on the street or in the woods and when have you practiced it, done it and or are you going to be doing it. The truth of an edc is that to be functional and not simply pretty, it has to have function.


Free the mind and the body will follow.


About Jesse Mathewson

Jesse Mathewson is the author of the popular blog, and provides commentary to many varied places based on a background that includes education in criminal justice, history, religion and even insurgency tactics and tactical training. His current role in his community is as an organizer of sorts and a preacher of community solidarity and agorism. He also runs Liberty Practical Training, a self defense school specializing in the practical applications of defensive approaches versus the theoretical. As an agorist, voluntaryist and atheist his life is seen as crazy and wild by many, though once they get to know him most realize he is a bluntly honest individual who will give you the shirt off his back if he believes it is necessary to help you. Very simple, "That which is voluntary between all individuals involved is always right, if it is not voluntary, it is always wrong."
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4 Responses to My EDC: A quick overview of what and why with my daily carry

  1. Gylliam says:

    While yes I have much more than 3 or 4 years in the special forces. I was raised in the woods on a farm and I probably fit into number four more than anywhere else. LMAO I seem to always have home made tools or cheap tools that are no real name. When I am given something that is a name brand I tend to either trade it off or break it seeing what it really can take. LOL yeah I like to have stuff I make myself because then I know just what it can take to keep it like it was the day I made it… Plus I enjoy the challenge of making it myself.


  2. jeffreycanthony says:

    LOL i think i fit into all but #2 in ways. Granted i’d rather be honest with myself where i need to improve on many things.

    Granted it was amazing what kinda cheap but very functional gear you could buy with 60 hours of overtime a week in a tech field… 🙂 And yeah, I’m bad about giving in too easily to amenities when outdoors. Compromises, little things. Trying to push us to change traditions… better off doing holiday meals by renting a primitive cabin and doing it fireside than in the house. Doing food in dutch oves on a fire… many small things that when added together will get the job done in the future.

    The reality to me is in transition from these first 3 or worse, from sheeple status, to #4. Most people try to jump in and overload, not realizing it’s a life path that we can’t just “be”. Yet i do think most need to gain a healthier respect for what is considered “the fringe” in modern day.

    Was changing my pants and reached into pocket of the last pair i wore, and was wondering how i’d ended up accumulating 3 bic lighters in a pocket… i’m a non-smoker, so kinda amusing… but then thought “hey, that’s not a bad thing”. With real life everything here can be a total mess, but I know for sure i’ve got stuff in the vehicle and stuff on me as needed. Sometimes more than I need… sometimes not organized… but it’s there. It’s a constant process just like adjusting, growing, and learning. Took me a bit to realize if i’ve got it 100% that i’m probably missing something. 🙂


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