RMOK Knife – Tanto style in CPM S35VN- review and partial testing

I picked this knife up a little over 6 months ago and have put it through the tests, it is an amazing edge retaining, sparkling beauty. The following review was completed just a little over a week after getting it.

I made the leap and picked up another knife. This one is beautiful, so beautiful that at first I wanted to just caress it and almost felt bad putting it through the basic testing protocols I put all my working knives through.
This knife will be assisting some swords I use and needs to be capable of strength, durability and still be able to shave with. (Yes my swords are shaving sharp, by hand, and yes this may seem overboard but it means my tools always work when called on.)

First test, mesquite logs and knife meet, shake proverbial hands and battle. Knife won!

Second test, throwing, and yes I threw it- sank it deep and grinning to myself I withdrew it. Bounced off due to a bad release on my side twice out of ten throws, but has NO damage. (No flip means sticks and hits regardless) As always it did feel good to throw a knife not purpose built for the task and see it function well.

Third test, this test like the Caruthers 3v beauty the knife is simply not built to accomplish. (Padded vice, gentle flexing) and I did not do this test. The knife is quite thick which precludes this test though I believe it is quite solid steel and am not afraid of it breaking with standard fighting/bush tasks assigned it.

I only had one negative with this knife, it is worthy of a wood or leather sheath- this however is not in any way a deal breaker and since I often carry attached to gear- the techlock etc will function fine

The following are a few pictures, minus video sadly, not sure what happened. It is sitting with my extremely reliable, modified fegpa63 in 9×18 – the stark contrast in beauty and functionality versus solid functional lends itself to solid photos, enjoy.

Here are the builders specs – Japanese style tanto in CPM S35VN.
Blade is .285″ thick but still hair shaving sharp, and handle is a full tang with brown leather wrapped in black cotton cord, then soaked in epoxy.
It comes with a black kydex sheath, w/Tek-Lok installed.

Here are the specs:

Blade -.285″ thick, CPM S35VN heat treat and LN cryogenic treatment by Peters Heat treat to RC 60-61
6 1/2″ long cutting edge, 1 1/4″ wide
overall length is 11 3/4″

Handle – Full tang with brown leather wrapped in black cotton cord, soaked in epoxy

Sheath – black .060″ kydex with large Tek-Lok

I highly recommend RMOK knives grab one when they become available you wont be disappointed. Another of the amazing custom builders on BladeForums.com

Free the mind and the body will follow


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