One approach to knives

I still firmly believe the morakniv companion must be included in any real list.

Three Important Considerations of a Good Survival Knife –


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  1. jeffreycanthony says:

    Both fixed and folder = a big one i’m a fan of.

    Skill is a big part of it, not just as it’s stated in the article, but I feel like the knives change as skills grow and change. It’s just like people told me about holsters, you’ll end up with a bunch as you find what works best for you, and what doesn’t.

    Some things are key, but I feel like even for beginners that need that sort of information to start with, emphasis to me is like the article and the rest of us always focus on, be safe, but beyond that people need to get out there and use their knives and they’ll learn what works and doesn’t. And what of each of those aspects of the knife apply to selection.

    Might be useful for beginners to list all the basic tasks to master with a knife, and how each aspect of knife design/build/materials would affect each task. My problem with that, perhaps there’s something lost in the process of learning, much like common core math is trying to convey the instinctual experience learning we all need to really master anything.

    Use it and you’ll know.

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