Time, Watches and the Sun: reviewing Casio solar watches

Over the years I have owned many watches. My first big dollar watch was a Citizen solar watch (when they first came out).  After spending over $400 originally and than losing it thanks to inferior quality with the band and attachments, I have since settled on my all time favorites with the Casio solar line.

The MRW-S300 line is quite inexpensive and in my experience  (owning two different models in this line) keeps time well, losing on average 30 seconds to a minute per month and needing adjustments for date on the odd months. This particular line runs between $29 and $45 dollars apiece and is worth every penny being made of stainless and hard rubber they are quite impervious to the elements even allowing me to swim in the Ocean with no ill affects. Check them out here, and take your time. (Pun intended) I wear the black one linked above and this one linked here. Remember, you can use analog watches to find your bearings if lost. Its not quite a compass, however, it is close.

Next is the Casio G-Shock series, a more “manly” looking digital watch. The Casio Solar powered, nuclear clock updated, digital watch is an amazingly accurate time piece that so far hasnt lost more then a few seconds between updates. You can find those here, and it is well worth the money spent at around $125 dollars unless you use this link!

So why should you wear a watch? There are several reasons, as previously stated you can use an analog watch to find directions if you are without a solid compass. Hold a watch with 12 o’clock at left. Move your arm so the hour hand points at the sun. The spot halfway between the hour hand and the 12 is south. Of course if youre in the Southern hemisphere reverse that for North!

Being able to synchronize time with other members of your party is essential to knowing when to start looking if necessary. And using a solar powered, long lasting glowing/light watch allows for use even at night. All of the reviewed watches easily glow/light up for hours after direct light is lost. (A simple rag cover prevents them from giving away your position in perilous situations).

In the day and age of the cellphone that figures your taxes while taking your bloodpressure, what do you do when the battery dies? A solid solar powered watch allows you to do everything except taxes, and honestly, screw the IRS anyhow.

The watches I have reviewed are surprisingly inexpensive, and yet, stylish, utilitarian and allow for essential uses as a survivalist/bushman/camping afficienado.

After two years of wearing these watches in many weather conditions, camping, on the ocean and more., I can give them two thumbs up with five stars and do so gladly!



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