Alcohol as a prep: A review on types and uses

“Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life.” George Bernard Shaw

It is neither my intent nor my goal to convince others to drink or to become drunkards, rather it is my goal to show other preppers the benefits of having alcohol stored in volume. Alcohol for the purpose of drinking comes in many forms and varieties. It has been used as a form of anesthesia, barter and is today still one of the more profitable products on the planet.

As preppers or individuals intent on ensuring we are not reliant on the whim of a government more interested in raising taxes and arresting people for making decisions with their own bodies; it is necessary to stock alcohol in volume. Whether you drink or not, alcohol is the single most important item to have for the sake of barter and the ability to make it in quantity or have it readily available can easily place you in a immediately profitable position. The ability to barter alcohol for a plethora of other items that you may need but do not have room to store currently.

Currently I trade a variety of meads/moonshines for services I am physically incapable of preforming myself. To get these meads and moonshines I trade products I have access to but the makers of these items do not. There is quite a sizable market for many things even today and among the most popular are the various alcohols and a variety of chemical products that shall not be mentioned here. Because no profit is made and for all intents and purposes it is merely gifting back and forth between friends there are no legal restrictions on the alcohol side. Obviously, age is still an issue depending on location. Regardless, the benefit of having these items in bulk far outweighs the negatives. I personally do not drink except rarely and even more rarely in excess.

Some alternative uses for grain and sugar based alcohol is as a antiseptic of sorts for minor wounds and in some cases straight high proof sugar or grain alcohol can be used for lamp fuel and even to run a vehicle. There are several ways to test the quality of these types of alcohol, for moonshine type the use of a small amount lit on fire should burn with a barely visible bright blue flame. Mead comes in some various forms, personally I prefer a more meaty mead, thicker and sweeter than what is the preferred taste of many. Because both of these types of alcohol rely on some aging as a process as long as they are sealed appropriately against degradation by oxygen and stored in room temperatures of around 70-76 degrees they will last indefinitely. Here in the high desert storing them becomes a bit of an issue, unless you have a basement or root cellar in which case simply ensuring they do not end up under water or buried is enough to keep them for quite a long time.

There are many other uses for good high proof grain and sugar alcohols, sadly, none of which I can promote via this particular venue at the moment. However, a little searching on your own will lead you to some interesting conclusions and help you understand that storing alcohol, regardless your personal desire to partake is a beneficial thing to do. Remember folks, I am not talking about canned beers or the like, I am talking about quality grain and sugar based alcohols. With proofs ranging from 80-120 or higher. (these can be reduced with a simple addition of water to the drink)

If you have questions simply ask, I will direct you to a more discrete means of communication and we can continue with whatever questions you may have.

Remember, freedom is an individual thing. Free the mind and the body will follow.


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