Fuck the liberty movement: Freedom doesnt need a movement

This article is not meant for the thin skinned, liberal, conservative government supporting cock strokers. This article is not for those employed by the government or who support those employed by the government. This article is for those who believe freedom is individually obtained, individually protected and individually discovered. This is your only warning, this article is meant to be intentionally inflammatory if you are a badge worshiping uniform wearing pole smoker. If you believe that somehow one old guy is better then the other old guy or one old broad is better then the other in LEADING you, this article will PISS YOU OFF.

So stop reading it NOW!


If you support FREEDOM, than you MUST absolutely DISOBEY those who seek to control you. Freedom is not a result of foreign war, police action or any government. FREEDOM only exists individually and MUST be taken through the DIRECT disobedience of any and all who seek to control you. The ONLY rule or law or ideal that should exist is a simple one, if it is voluntarily agreed upon by ALL those involved it is right, if it is not voluntarily agreed upon by ALL those involved it is ALWAYS wrong.

Train now and train well for the fight is now, not tomorrow, not next week; no, the fight is NOW! Be prepared both mentally and physically for the current reality that is police action using both modern military and police to further enslave those who believe voting works. As I tell those around me in my many circles, always be willing to give a little to gain a lot. If following their silly laws does NOT directly harm you or your family or cause you to go against your principles, than follow them. Understand, in the past decade I have met ONLY two people without social security numbers. I do not mean those who discard theirs, I mean two people who HAVE NO number. Every other individual I have met has a tracking number and regardless their lack of Internet use or credit use etc., they are TRACKED it is the nature of government and its corporate support that tracking occur.

Therefore the idea is not to avoid being tracked but rather to shape that tracking to meet the criteria YOU want seen. This article alone may be enough to cause my online “profile” as put together by whomever does these things to change entirely. The odds are, however, that because the way the information is gathered is not singularly but as an overall statistical profile it will simply be an anomaly that garners little to no real attention. I recently applied for a VISA to travel out of the country, it has been several years since I even considered this. I received a visa within a week without travel restrictions. This can be seen in several lights, possibly they want me to travel to non kosher destinations, or, that my profile as it currently exists is such that I present no threat. I have held special gun licensing, investigative licenses and contracted for government agencies as well as advanced degrees in criminal justice specifically drug related crime and juvenile criminal deviance.

By this I mean simply that I have avoided memberships in groups, have never been arrested, never been seriously pursued in relation to “criminal” actions that may or may not have occurred. What it means is that my approach to life works, because those of you who are close to me know quite well my proclivities as well as my abilities in certain shall we say “grey” and even black market areas. It is a matter of presentation, a matter of action. There are some lines I refuse to cross, I have not always been someone who cared about true freedom of the individual. I will never voluntarily work with law enforcement, military or government again. I have in the past done so, I am ashamed of that fact. I worked as a sub contractor teaching surveillance/counter-surveillance to various government agents. I have also volunteered my time teaching medium through advanced firearms use to various government agents. I am ASHAMED of that fact. To make amends or provide reparation for the harm I know this training has caused innocents is to in turn teach FOR FREE any and all individuals interested these same skills and how to counter them.

For many years, decades in fact at this point I have also been involved in a variety of grey and black market activities that could be seen as wrong by government suckers. Personally, fuck them, I dont care what you think. Nothing I do now or have done in those areas has ever been involuntary, it was only when I taught government employees that I acted outside of the non aggression principle or as Buppert the LIAR likes to say, Zero Aggression Principle, he and his closest “friend” Skip continue to be employed as government agents through contractors. They spend thousands of stolen dollars traveling and contributing to government operations. However, this article is not about government stool pigeons and their cock sucking liar ass lickers. This article is about being FREE!

Be free, QUESTION everyone, and if you are told NOT to question something or someone or that you should change HOW you question someone or something, the individual telling you that by default MUST be avoided. There is only what is voluntary and what is not voluntary. Questioning someone for their actions when they are portraying something completely different is NOT wrong, it is necessary. Be free by NEVER again allowing others control over your actions. This is possible only by being completely HONEST. I do not lie to those I am close too. I also do not hesitate to act when necessary regardless the action needed. I have before and will again terminate the rats in the hen house. Sometimes varmint control is a necessary act. This is not wrong, after all, if an individuals actions will cause another, specifically yourself and or your family harm preventing that is self defense by default. I have and will continue to offer a varmint control service, this itself is unfortunately not free. However, it is quite necessary and offers a multitude of results. This is FREEDOM.

Some people will call the cops, others call people like me. Research, gather facts, record information, come to a logical and legitimate conclusion and act upon that information as requested. I use a simple formula to gauge guilt or innocence. Its called Scots Law and is NOT the same as English Common Law, I do not speak of the legal system itself and the many ridiculous laws, but to the collection of evidence and establishment of guilt or innocence. It is a simple approach and for human created processes as close to perfect with regards to voluntarism as one can get. (Again remembering my academic and professional life have been legal/criminal justice system in nature)

  1. Three individual types of evidence must be utilized.
  2. Three individual verifications of EACH type of evidence must be utilized.
  3. If this is unfulfilled regardless innocence or guilt one cannot be prosecuted even in an individual sense.
  4. In all matters of civil or monetary loss, prosecution must only be restorative in nature, at most the result being ejection from a social setting. (numerous MODERN societies show that the idea of being evicted from a social setting or treated as a pariah has far greater consequence then imprisonment.)
  5. In cases of murder (first degree, capital, second degree – death related to drunk driving for instance should be classed as murder as the initial decision of the driver to drink caused the death of another, this can only be seen as murder) violent rape (by this I mean rape through the use of violence to take sexual pleasure from another) and child sexual abuse (until an individual is capable of making decisions without a parents input and doing so logically they are children, therefore coerced sexual acts with a child is no different then rape and has the same physical, emotional and mental results) in the cases of these three crimes alone there is only one punishment available. This punishment must be left to the family of, individual involved or privately hired agent of the family involved after proper evidential approaches have been taken to verify guilt or innocence. This punishment is death. It is also up to the individual involved or their family should they be deceased to forgive and continue on. To terminate said individual is not retributive it is simply the termination of a rat in a chicken coop. Rats allowed to continue eating will simply get larger and will gather other rats to them. Rats MUST be eradicated completely or they will eventually ensure the chickens disappear.

Freedom, easy to talk about. A simple word to type, F r e e d o m. However, to live as a free individual OUTSIDE the purview of governments or any other mafias attempt to control your life you have to do so in a way that does not make you a threat. Therefore instead of attending every stupid rally or making ridiculous facebar postings, LIVE your life FREELY.

Freedom is NOT just a word and it is POSSIBLE.

However, to live a life freely is a HARD thing and will not always allow for the smooth lives we may be used too when we were still robots in the system. That big house you liked, the sexy expensive leather individually heated seats in your cars, and the non stop shopping trips the wife enjoys may end. You see, many people will say freedom is impossible, and they say this not because it really is. But because they are unwilling to give up their luxuries. They are unwilling to learn to LIVE again, and more importantly they are UNWILLING to actually WORK to ensure their INDIVIDUAL freedom exists and continues.

I am free because I want to be. I am free because I first freed my mind, then my body. I am free because I can do what I want when I want within the boundaries I and ONLY I establish for myself. My boundaries simply overlap occasionally with the states. This doesn’t mean I support the state or believe in the need for them any more or less than I do now. It does however, mean a simple thing. That the mindless philosophical ramblings I used to enjoy, that mental masturbation that produced reduced energy for real action regularly has been exchanged for action. In most cases action alone.

So let me ask you, are you free? Or are you just one of the millions of mindless zombies trolling endlessly using forums and social networking as a means of escaping real life and making believe they are actively doing something. The mere fact that there are VIRTUAL ACTIVISTS should say it all. Eh, everyone to their own, however, please do not at any moment assume because you run a popular forum or have a blog that you are doing anything worth a shit. Good lord, this fucking blog itself has become almost more trouble then it is worth. However, some of you still read it, so to the 4 or 5 thousand a month regulars, I apologize in advance for my reduced desire to continue providing regular input. My real life actions have become far more interesting and time involved.

If you want to be free, film yourself DEFENDING yourself or someone else against GOVERNMENT initiated aggression. Dont just film yourself being a douchey little kid because you can. Who gives a fuck about dancing or standing at sunrise (with NO traffic) and a firearm. I dont give a shit how many times you have been arrested, honestly, it just means you were a moron and got your ass caught, it doesnt make you someone special. Acting out and slurring everything and everyone doesnt make you a free man, carrying a revolver in a nylon holster while rolling your fat ass down the street and harrassing people doesnt make you free.

FREEDOM is LIVING daily the values you state you have. FREEDOM is utilizing the PRINCIPLES you claim to have daily. FREEDOM is hard fucking work. Freedom is had by those who are not seen by others and do not strive to out do the other guy so they can get laid and have rock star “liberty” movement status. FREEDOM is gardening regardless city code, raising your own food and staying off grid in as much as you are able. FREEDOM is a simple thing, it is NOT FOLLOWING SOMEONE ELSE!

Fuck the rock stars and embrace your neighbors. And remember, ARM YOURSELVES now, train NOW, understand that NOW is the time to be prepared for what is ALREADY here. Arm yourselves with KNOWLEDGE, active ability and even actual tools of defense. One can be armed for freedom by being able to feed oneself or supply energy to oneself without outside assistance.

Free the mind and the body WILL follow


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Jesse Mathewson is the author of the popular blog, jessetalksback.com and provides commentary to many varied places based on a background that includes education in criminal justice, history, religion and even insurgency tactics and tactical training. His current role in his community is as an organizer of sorts and a preacher of community solidarity and agorism. He also runs Liberty Practical Training, a self defense school specializing in the practical applications of defensive approaches versus the theoretical. As an agorist, voluntaryist and atheist his life is seen as crazy and wild by many, though once they get to know him most realize he is a bluntly honest individual who will give you the shirt off his back if he believes it is necessary to help you. Very simple, "That which is voluntary between all individuals involved is always right, if it is not voluntary, it is always wrong."
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