Birchwood Casey Super Bright Touch-Up Sight Pens: A review

Over the years of shooting I have become quite familiar with iron sights, stick, aperture, ghost, notch and post, bead, target aperture and more. What is and remains the most important part of sights regardless firearm type for anyone who shoots regularly is having a different highly visible colored front sight versus the rear aperture. Modern sight manufactures have become quite competitive in their desire to gain a larger market share. This has resulted in a large selection of fiber optic sights and tritium night sights, however, the basic fall back for my personal shooting is always the black rear sights and a red or white reflective front sight post.

Sights are essential for any solid defensive tool, rifle or handgun a set of solid easily used iron sights must be included. The proper use of sights is also essential for the individual who wants to continue preforming at above normal levels. The average gun owner in the United States is manty times not familiar with the proper use of iron sights and the attached firearm, preferring as so many do these days to concentrate on putting the most expensive newest model red dot or scope on and begin their training with this. Sadly even with the best gear on the market the standard weekend shooters target still looks like a bad pattern from a poorly cut down 12 gauge loaded with bird shot and discharged at a target 50 yards away. However, since this article is not about sight use and is about the Birchwood Casey pen for sights lets get to the review.

Birchwood Casey is amazing, as a leader in essentials for shooting they have manufactured bluing products and cleaners. For the past decade or so they have had the Super Bright Touch-Up Sight Pen in their line up and around my house it has seen allot of use. While most modern handguns and rifles have solid sights or at least the ability to add solid sights if you are like me and still carry older surplus handguns as well you will want to pick up this amazing set of tools. While you can use them directly on the front sight post or you can do what I have done and put together a small amount of epoxy, using a toothpick apply a minute amount to the rear side of the front sight post. After this has cured fully using the Birchwood Casey Sight Pens you add color, I prefer either red or white. In most cases you will see my front sight posts colored in this way though I do have two handguns with all black sights from Dawson Precision for competition purposes.

Birchwood Casey has this to say about their sight pens, Shoot better in any light! These pens provide a fast and easy way to touch-up chipped, dull or scratched sights. Super Bright™ Pens contain a fast-drying, lead-free paint with superior adhesion and durability. Use on front and/or rear sights for better sight visibility. Apply two layers of white undercoat, then neon green or red to make color even brighter. Brighter sights help to obtain a quicker sight picture. Great for rifles, pistols, shotguns and archery pins. Use like a parking pen with no mess – simply rub on with “chisel point” felt tip.” Bear in mind while they are for touching up sights, this does not of course mean you cannot use them to help make a surplus handgun better for defensive purposes as a tool.

I have found that semi annual touch ups are necessary when using these sight pens, of course you can also steal from your ladies fingernail polish, however, for the price these pens (at 15-20 dollars for three colors) are a steal and tend to be less expensive than some of your ladies valuable fingernail polish. Of course this will also keep you from getting on her bad side by spilling or using all of her favorite polish.

Regardless this is an addition to your shooting kit that is a must have, after all, you never know when your tritium may die or fiber optic fall apart and they do. Thanks for reading and make sure you check out the awesome raffle currently running here on you can go straight to the page and sign up now!

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