TIP – Carpeting for your tent!

Absolutely great idea!

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TENT: The Bunker by SnugpackI regularly go camping for two weeks at a time several times a year.  I like to be as comfortable as possible when I come back to my tent after a long day. And I like to keep my tent clean and as free of sand/dirt as possible. I hate sand in my sleeping bag!  And most of that dirt and sand, if not all, comes in on my boots.  So I started taking my boots off outside of the tent.  And I didn’t like sitting on the hard ground in the morning putting  my boots. Yeah, I whine a lot!

So I saw a carpet sample one day and it changed my life forever!  OK, a bit Carpet sample to keep your tent cleaner.melodramatic but I realized that if I put a piece of carpet sample just outside of my tent door and another just inside the door I would virtually eliminate the sand/dirt issue…

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