The Truth Behind Treating Chronic Pain for Preppers

I have spondolysthesis, eg., grade V which technically is something else entirely, it began at age 12 as grade IV and throughout life I have worked, hard, physically and constantly. It was not until the age of 30 “approximately” that I began to actually suffer with the pain. Until that point (not quite sure), which point exactly and age is approximate but it was post 2007, eg., 30, after this point the suffering consumed me, literally, for the first time in my life I began taking opiates regularily and other similar medications.
What you are saying is absolutely correct, bravo, now my question is simple…after a lifetime of supressing the suffering and just dealing with it, is it possible my mind is simply tiring out?

Regardless I absolutely agree and love this article 🙂 and btw, I meditate constantly, eg., pain related depression eg., the accessories of pain that are unnecessary.


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