Gwandara Woman

Beautiful – this is touching

Juju Films

Gwandara Mother & Child

Gwandara people of Nigeriaspeak Gwandara a West Chadic language, and the closest relative of the Hausa.

Langa Langa Village, Nasarawa State Nigeria


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  1. jeffreycanthony says:

    On the Societas hangouts, we often would get into discussions involving race and culture. One of the thoughts was a belief by a few that while Africans coming to America the way they did was screwed up, the idea that they were given a huge boost in gain via knowledge, technology, and civilization is one thing that was discussed in the pro’s and con’s of those situations.

    Most even today look at Africans as savage still, or way too primitive, but I feel like we’ve lost values, that perhaps we’ve lost track of what’s important, and have become less civilized in our drive for bigger, better, and faster.

    Something to watch if any have time,

    Touches a little on a different African nation, but might give interesting context that bridges realities for us here in the US.


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