The Advantages of Living in a Trailer Park for a Prepper

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Trailer Park Prepper

While there are a multitude of disadvantages of living in a trailer like:

  • Lack of storage space
  • Neighbors, and lots of them
  • Park rules and regulations
  • Crappy construction
  • Tornadoes

In this post I speak about the advantages. Believe it or not there ARE some very distinct advantages. Some of the basic ones I’ve listed below.

  • Cost effective giving you potential to save money for preps, bug out land/location, etc…
  • Potential to move onto land and foundation or as a temporary dwelling while building bug out location.
  • No land taxes, usually still taxed on building.
  • Fixing and upkeep can be cheaper than a standard home.
  • Heating can be cheaper because space is smaller. This does not apply to older homes.
  • Many times parks are retirement communities so neighbors aren’t as troublesome as others like in an apartment where you’ll have to bang your ceiling with a broom regularly. Try and stay…

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