Condor Hudson Bay knife review

Condor is a well known knife company that builds amazing tools for a fraction of the price of the designer brands. While I always have a Morakniv Companion in my kit, they dont meet the strenuous demands that a solid large bladed knife will. At $15 to $20 the Morakniv is worth every penny and than some.

Condor makes a wonderful bush knife called the Hudson Bay. This knife has an 8″ blade that is almost 1/4″ thick. Full tang, solid wood handles and an amazingly beautiful sheath makes it a steal at between $45 and $65 apiece. It is well balanced and forged out of 1075 high carbon steel. It comes quite sharp though after a small amount of testing I opted to clean the edge a bit and now have a shaving sharp camp knife.

Similar knives are the ESEE Junglas with a 10″ blade, the Becker BK9 and the A.G. Russell Sandbox Bowie with a 7.75″ blade. These knives are amazing, each has merits that make them worth the money spent. However, as a budget minded prepper I like the idea that I can purchase two quality blades for the price of the Becker BK9 which runs around $90. The ESEE Junglas runs around $180 and is an amazingly balanced piece that begs to be used. Lastly the A.G. Russell Sandbox Bowie runs around $270, it is also an amazing piece. There are several other great knives, however, it is my honest opinion based on significant testing that the above knives are really the only ones that compare in quality and size.

Here are my opinions in favor of the Condor Hudson Bay as a bush knife for the budget prepper or honestly, for anyone who wants a solid big knife.

The positives
1. If is well balanced and fits nicely in my hands, I have large hands the span being right at nine inches.
2. If takes an edge with a little work, and retains it very well with hard use. Testing it on scrub oak, mesquite, pine and a variety of minor cutting chores left it still capable of easily cutting cardboard and even shaving.
3. It has a rough, coated finish which seems to protect it from water damage, rust and the like. Even so, as with all of my knives a light coat of Ballistol rubbed into the sheath, handle and on the blade prevents rust even lightly. (The benefits of using a good lubricant is it works with everything well!)
4. The tempered edge is already flaunting a Scandinavian Grind which makes it very nice to touch up, (no reprofiling for myself).
5. It comes with an extremely well made, high quality black leather sheath. The sheath alone would cost am additional $50 from any of the above mentioned manufacturers.

1. There is no lanyard hole, on my big knifes I prefer a corded (550 cord) lanyard. This can be easily fixed with a drill and 1/4″ bit.
2. The scales are finished, but only lightly, using Ballistol rub three or more coats into the wood and it will maintain a dark, non slippery water resistant finish.

There are no other cons.

As with all of my product reviews this is something I purchased and voluntarily decided to review. I hope you enjoyed it and if you decide to get one, use the link as it will get you a solid price. Remember, get a free month of Amazon prime and take advantage of the free shipping that comes standard with it.

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