F.E.G. pa63 handgun in 9×18: A review

A short while back I wrote an article in which I reviewed the FEG pa63. The feg pa63; the poor mans short sword has become one of the internets most popular articles reviewing the pa63.

I decided to update the readers with some changes I made and relate my current opinion of this firearm as well. This article is a continuation of the previous one.

Recently I was able to find Hornady 95grn critical defense in 9×18 makarov and have tested it thouroughly. I came to the conclusion that for milsurp 9×18 blowback firearms this ammunition preforms extremely well. While in my tests as well as several others I was able to locate the penetration was not 14″ or more it does travel an average distance of 10-12″ and in my tests this included through five layers of denim. Expansion was very nice, and I believe this round would work quite well as a backup or summer carry gun. I do still carry two spare magazines, (finding additional magazines is quite difficult and at times expensive, however, necessary. Always have spare magazines) of these one is loaded with 94 grn S&B fmj which will allow for better penetration should I get to that point. (It should be noted that my standard load out includes 45 rounds of Speer gold dot 124 grn or Hornady critical defense 124 grn for my primary weapon with 21 rounds of 9x18mak as a backup and at least another 150 rounds between the trunk gun and spare mags at the vehicle as well.) Some of you may consider this a bit much, honestly, I look at it as a good start.

Additional changes include replacing the factory grips with flat aftermarket scales, this allows a much reduced profile. As I do with all of my firearms I have ladder step tape on the grips, slide and top of frame directly in front of the rear sight. This allows a much easier time gripping when cold and wet and makes it much easier to quickly transition from holster to target with a sure grip. I eventually settled on the #6 trigger spring and the #15 recoil spring which when combined with a solid fluff and buff to critical parts allows for a much reduced recoil and better trigger control. The springs are wolff aftermarket springs which wolff sells directly in three different weights per pack so you can test each. Reliability remains 100%, these are accurate extremely reliable and can be found for as little as $199 if you just keep your eyes open.

Lastly, I had a holster made by a truly good holster maker. I am currently reviewing it and others and will make sure to link him in greater detail. Christopher Lambert is this craftsmans name, contact him at SCholsters@hotmail.com and be sure to check the awesome products he makes in the pictures at the end of this article. His facebook page is here SCholsters Rocklin, California, be sure to check it out as well.

The only long term con I have found with this handgun is that the steel the slide is made from rusts quickly if it gets wet or if like I do in Arizona wearing it all day results in some sweat. It is extremely important that you wipe it down every other day or so with Ballistol (reviewed here), this will prevent the rust from getting a foothold.

So, tell me about your new handgun choices or old ones and why?

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