Mousetraps and Buckshot: Defensive Prepping

An addition has been added in response to a question asked. (Again this instructional only)

Everyone wants to believe that what their cousin who was military knows will save them. While this may actually work in some cases, what they know and what you know are really quite similar.

Today we are going to review a decent approach to a standing defense or a way to easily slow down pursuit from active threats. Please understand that what I am going to tell you is considered manufacturing of a destructive device and if you complete this project would by itself be cause for incarceration from the government. Obviously, this means that I am relating to you only an educational approach to a hypothetical situation. By themselves the tools that will be used are not considered weapons or destructive devices, only when these components are placed together specifically in the configuration that I will describe do they become destructive devices. Additionally, I am not legal counsel, and if you care what others think (government) you should be sure to get the advice of dedicated legal counsel. If you attempt any of what is outlined in this article you do so at your own risk. Continuing to read signifies that you accept personal responsibility for your actions and cannot hold the author accountable for your individual actions.

Now, if you want to learn about a way to further defend yourself when necessary, keep reading. Otherwise, fuck off.

What you will need is quite simple.

1. Wooden mousetraps
2. Standard birdshot 12 gauge shotshells
3. 20-40lb test nylon fishing line
4. Copper airgun BBs or
5. Steel ball bearings 1/4 inch in diameter
6. Solid, sharp knife
7. Epoxy/gorilla glue/super glue

Got the parts? Good, you shouldnt you naughty rule breaker.

Step one- Take a mousetrap, in the end on which the trap shuts and rests when not set, carve a half circle that the shot shell will fit in beneath the rim.

Step two- with the trap safely relaxed (not set) use a bb and glue it firmly to the wire edge of the trap facing down where the shotshell rests/ this part should be located where it will make direct contact with the primer of the shell.

Step three- place a live shotgun shell on the table in front of you, carefully loosen the front end (crimped end) and pour the lead shot into a small bag- remove the wadding with a pair of pliers or by hand- pour the powder into another container and place it aside until you have done this with another round as well.

Step four- take the powder from two shells and mix with one ounce of bb’s or with 12 1/4 inch ball bearings. Take one empty shell and score in circular lines around the casing, not too deep, you dont want any air getting in or powder getting out. Pour the powder /bb/1-4 inch bearing mixture gently into the shell.
Step five- cut the tabs from the wadding, place it on top of the powder mixture, close the shell down and using a small amount of glue seal it. (Use non heating glue) DO NOT ATTEMPT to MELT it together.

Step six- using epoxy affix the shell under the arm.of the trap centering the bb on the primer.

Step seven- affix 5-10 feet of fishing line to the tongue or trigger of the trap.

Step eight- without setting the trap, tie the loose end across access point you are attempting to prevent through access on.

Step nine- anchor the trap by wedging it into a tree branch or staking it down, you want to center and camoflauge this on the path whenever possible to maximize effective dispersal.

Step ten- carefully with a finger OVER the primer set the trap ensuring the line is firmly stretched. Keeping a finger over the primer check tension and gently remove finger and carefully back away. Remember where you put it, dont get caught by your own device.

Set as many as needed.

If you wish to safely carry them, use a piece of cardboard (corrogated “spllng?”) Set between the bb and the primer. Wrap together tightly so they do not shift. And for enquiring minds, these provide around 5 ft of deadly activity, semi circular/circular if you score the shell correctly.

Remember, this is educational only. Learning and knowledge is important. Watch your six and always think before acting.

Free the mind and the body will follow

*pictures are not available for this, hands on instruction is available at the rate of $100,231.00 per day per person. (Obviously if you cannot read and understand this is for educational purposes alone.)

Actually no, using standard buckshot is great, however, for purely instructional purposes alone, using copper bbs and double charge +/- 2 grains with a direct mixture versus separated allows a circular/almost egg shaped pattern depending on how you score the shell. 🙂

This also allows you too use standard birdshot and save the lead for other items, even though it is soft it will work for some calibers quite well- and birdshot is about 1/10th the cost per shell as buck



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