3 Smells That Will Get You Killed When SHTF.

Duct Tape & Paracord

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By Dylan Dunlap

3 Ways That Smell is Going to Get you Killed When SHTF.


showering will be a thing of the past

When I speak to people about this topic most of them just flat out don’t believe me. I could not be more serious though. During my deployment to Iraq, a country that is pretty much in a constant shtf situation, there was nothing that smelt good. I started noticing scents that were not so strong to me before. Little by little my clean laundry started to smell stronger and richer.

One day I was in need of some caffeine so I went to our nearest Green Bean and got an iced mocha. On the return walk to our CP I caught a whiff of something flowery and fresh. It was almost overwhelming. I thought something had to be nearby that was giving…

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