Let’s Do, Not Be.

Lately, I have been having a lot of frustration with fellow libertarians. We stand for so much yet we act so little. It seems that all we do is post meme’s on people’s statuses to prove them wrong because we are too lazy to cogently type why that person is wrong, some minarchist troll other people accounts and try to make them slip up so that said minarchist can take a screenshot and prove to all their online and real life friends that they are 1. smart 2. that their contrary view is something that others should take note.

Some Anarchists view the Constitution as a “magical document” whereas they view the bible as something that has actual biological functions. If you bluntly tell them that” isn’t the bible a magical document as well” they vehemently pontificate the sentence ” no one’s holding a gun to anyone’s head and forcing them to worship” which to me is a twisted paradox. Some Anarchists say that they hate socialism but yet they are still driving on public roads or not getting off their posterior to create a private company that can pave the roads. They are sitting on their computer feeling the adrenaline after watching their favorite porn Game of Thrones and they are typing in a Facebook groupchat with a non sequitur that’s lame typing hyperbolic statements such as “MUH ROADS”. Afterwards, hating someone with dark haired bangs who cheated on them because they forgot.

Libertarians know the difference between “doing something” and “being something” right? Right because we were taught that in school. But why are we being Anarchist rather than doing it? So if a libertarian feels that taxation is theft they should stand up for what they believe in and not pay taxes. What do you have to lose? If you’re paying taxes yet believe taxation is theft you are a hypocrite. Despite the internet being a great tool for the libertarian cause, aren’t we suppose to wake people up? If someone wants to join the liberty movement and they ask us what have we accomplished, what will we say? Are week long festivals in states where people outside the campsite are still paying taxes, going to public libraries, and vote for statists regardless if they are red or blue enough? Is having discussions on Facebook about how brutal we are or which Austrian School Economist is better enough? What we do offline should take as much precedence(if not more) than online. For some of the libertarians I know they aren’t doing any of that accept still paying state taxes, driving on public roads, and at the same time ranting about why we need anarchy.


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  1. Okay, I get what you’re saying but I disagree. Sure we could make a private company to pave the roads but some of us have very little money and there are few like-minded people in our area. I would love to get together a group to pave the road where I live because it is full of potholes and all other stuff. And, since the majority of roads are paved by the government, should we not drive on any of them? Even if we got together a group to pave roads privately it would be kind of difficult to drive exclusively on them. As for paying taxes, taxes come out of my paycheck whether I want them to or not. They come out of every product I buy. I’m paying taxes whether I like it or not. If taxation weren’t a problem I would have a bigger paycheck, my rent wouldn’t be as high, my bills wouldn’t be as high so I wouldn’t be struggling then maybe I could afford to throw something in a pot for a private company to pave my roads. It is unrealistic to expect us to live the way we see is possible when the world is currently set up a different way. I agree that there are things we could do to move forward, such as talk to people in a non-threatening way about why government is unnecessary. However, it would take a lot of voluntaryists to change the system, especially to change it without violence.


    • Taxes with the exception of fuel in the United States can be entirely avoided. It is simply a matter of additional work. Being free is never easy!

      Each of us must do everything we can to be free. It is those who refuse to even try. Sure they collect literature and have their weekly meetings to philosophize and cast doubt on others. However, when it comes down too it, none of them actually do anything.

      I dont care whether someone is brutalist or sexualist. I dont even give a shit if they vote or not. All I want is to be left alone by the statist quo and when someone claims to be something, I would love to see them actually support that thing.

      Eh, 😉


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