The individual market: think free

Freedom is commonly defined as, ability to act freely: a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions. This definition as commonly accepted truth allows for no federal or state government, rather, this definition promotes at most a tribal or town based approach. With common defence and construction being attained as a function of market. Function of market meaning, if it is needed it is created or attained by mutual agreement and not through acts of law or use of force.wpid-10203098796164366.jpg

The assumption that the agora or a marketplace: in ancient Greece, an open space in a town where people gathered, especially a marketplace, must have commo0n currency to work is faulty at its core. Rather the original agora was no more than a barter fair between individuals who had needs and desires for themselves as individuals. Living beings regardless type are at their core individuals, it is their own survival that matters and nothing else once you strip all additional minutia away.

The act of war, law, ruler and government has always been a direct result of a desire for power and blood versus peace and freedom. A perfect example of this is the “un”Civil War in the United States. Abraham Lincoln is lauded as the man who “freed” the slaves, however, the fact remains that he merely transferred ownership from the individual to the collective whole and whichever party or faction retains power currently. What is a slave?

A slave is commonly defined as,

  1. somebody forced to work for another: somebody who is forced to work for somebody else for no payment and is regarded as the property of that person
  2. dominated person: somebody who is dominated by somebody or by something
  3. somebody accepting another’s rule: somebody who meekly accepts being ruled by somebody elsewpid-img_13392751342773.jpeg

Taxation is the forceful acquisition of another’s property, or in effect it is someone being forced to work for another, generally the person or persons in power who benefit as a result of that taxation. The simple fact that so many willingly accept the rule of government and written law regardless the morality of said law or government shows that they are slaves.

The individual market and the freedom of the individual is inherently in opposition to the government follower or the individuals who believe we cannot be free now. The free market is essentially the only means of representing ones freedom to others who may not be free. This is done daily by almost every individual without realizing it. Here is a simple easy to understand example.

You need a tire for your car, you go to an individual that either makes tires or that has tires available and you purchase a tire. Now this same individual employs another individual who is capable of placing the tire on your vehicle. The money you pay merely reflects your labour for another purpose. To complete this transaction the believer in government will say that it is necessary to regulate said transaction and to steal a percentage from it as the “price” of protecting the individuals involved. However, the free individual understands that without government this transaction will function flawlessly. For it is cannot benefit individuals who have no greater organization to fall back on for protection to cause harm during this transaction. Without a government individuals MUST keep their word they must retain their honour in all transactions because if they do not others will cease doing business with them as they will gain a negative reputation. 45476_557213970974899_491847670_a

Make sense yet?

This is why personal integrity and honour in transacting business is so very important. Without this one will starve, this is also why it is the statist who will always represent their honour as fluid based on others decisions versus their own as individuals. The statist enjoys playing the shell game with their honour, representing one thing to another while cheating. lying and misrepresenting to another.

A free individuals honour is more important to them than family, friendship and life itself. It is their honour that is life. In the case of Buppert and his dishonour one need only look at his actions versus his words to see that he is a dishonourable man, I would challenge him to a duel of honour except that I know he is incapable of fulfilling the terms of a duel let alone ever actually fulfilling his agreement with honour. (And there is the simple reality that he is quite useless with a firearm or weapon) 533224_10201086335734113_466050843_n

Because I know he is without honour I will at this time drop the matter completely. I would only request that any who believe it necessary to continue harassing myself as a result of his dishonour understand that I do not follow your state law, I only follow the code of honour as outlined by the code of Bushido or NAP – both of which amazingly are very similar in many aspects.

Questions? Thoughts?

Free the mind and the body will follow.


About Jesse Mathewson

Jesse Mathewson is the author of the popular blog, and provides commentary to many varied places based on a background that includes education in criminal justice, history, religion and even insurgency tactics and tactical training. His current role in his community is as an organizer of sorts and a preacher of community solidarity and agorism. He also runs Liberty Practical Training, a self defense school specializing in the practical applications of defensive approaches versus the theoretical. As an agorist, voluntaryist and atheist his life is seen as crazy and wild by many, though once they get to know him most realize he is a bluntly honest individual who will give you the shirt off his back if he believes it is necessary to help you. Very simple, "That which is voluntary between all individuals involved is always right, if it is not voluntary, it is always wrong."
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