Iraq? more like I-wreck!:

Obama is debating on whether or not to intervene in Iraq. The similarities between Bush’s and Obama’s policies are not surprising.  The frenzy as to why we are in such dire needs to permeate through and fix an already failed policy brought to them by Bush is a little confusing. The Obama Administration is actually doing exactly the antithesis of what this country believes in. Right now we are in debt. Marcel Fontaine, a renowned libertarian activist and e-pundit shed valuable insight by stating,” If we go back to Iraq,it will be very costly to get all the troops on the ground, the cost of the bullet, the cost of the tanks, and etc”. Mr. Fontaine speaks the truth in that why are we going to spend more money in a war with our debt looming over our shoulders. If Obama decides to go back to Iraq it shows that he is going against his promise which was to get the troops out of Iraq but that he also has no basic knowledge in regards to economics. This “intervention” will not only put us more in debt but potential lives could be lost.

Countries like Iran are helping Iraq out.  Eli Lake, journalist for the Daily Beast wrote an article titled ” Iran Offers Iraq’Everything it Needs’ to Fight ISIS”. Lake states that the reason why Iran is involved is because “Iran’s government maintains particularly close ties to Iraq’s Shi’ite political parties and has helped finance the political campaigns of Shi’ite leaders it favors.” What Americans are not understanding is that Iran and Iraq have already created a religious and political compound together. That if Iran helps Iraq, Iran will hope that Iraq will help them with whatever policy they are trying to put in place. The difference between how the U.S. handles issues like these and how Iraq and Iran handle these issues are SLIM TO NONE.  What Iraq and Iran don’t understand about this issue is the principles of economics.

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