Bushido, honor and integrity

Rectitude is one’s power to decide upon a course of conduct in accordance with reason, without wavering; to die when to die is right, to strike when to strike is right. Bushidos First Virtue

After being hounded for several months with unknown caller hangups, crazy threatening emails and more I have decided to put in print ONE reason why I am no longer supportive of Bill Buppert and his cronies. His lack of honour in fulfilling a commitment made in return for my labour and assistance has become a sore point for me. I would have dropped it had he made the slightest attempt to maintain his integrity, instead he chose to promote the impression that he was innocent and simply that I was crazy. 20130511-091727.jpg

This perception that he himself promoted as you will see in attachments to this article led to my receiving threats, condemnations and lengthy text messages from individuals I once considered friends. At this point it is a matter of principle and he can easily fix the entire issue to my satisfaction by printing on his blog zerogov.com a public admittance of fault and apology for not fulfilling his word. Anything less will only continue to show his lack of integrity and obvious moral turpitude.

All emails have been backed up with attached ips as well as all texts and the like. All quotes in the following article have been taken entirely from these texts, emails and messages by other routes available to the cowards that promote individuals like this.


In an email to myself (email available in its entirety) the following was received earlier this year following my original article disowning Buppert.

From: t***d***@(common email provider).com (email attached to Bill Buppert)
To: jesse.mathewson@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Communique
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 16:01:40 -0700

I realize you feel an apology is insufficient but I regret not fulfilling any Appleseed training requirements promised as that is the only thing I can remember that may have been a commitment to training for the IIT ranks.”(additional was said- this was after I fulfilled my commitment to assist in several Appleseed training programs as volunteer instructor without credentials as per his words “we will get this for you by next appleseed – 2011- after over 3 years of trying to gain fulfillment and several other broken commitments to myself and many others in our area he vacated and took property that was not his.)

Bill Buppert


As I tell and reflect in deed to my children, an apology fixes nothing, only by directly repairing the damage through ones labour or in this case a public apology and admittance of guilt in failing to keep a long standing commitment of action can one repair a wrong of this nature. Instead of repairing or even attempting to repair his wrong against myself he further pushed the envelope by posting the following in a public forum.

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Re: Didn’t this guy used to post on the forum?
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He was PainkillerAZ. I don’t understand the venom but there it is.

Jesse: Any “activist” that promotes the idea that life is only meant to be ONE way.


I have avoided contact for years. Can’t be friends with everybody.
« Last Edit: Today at 07:44:50 am by Bill »

Originally found here,
though it has since been removed as a forwarding address for the thread itself, again showing his inability to keep his word.

This post was forwarded to me with the link and after my confronting Bill with this he quickly (contrary to his assertions to that he had not) moved it to a secret forum.

This was same email referenced above,

No editing of content has or will take place.(This was a lie as it had been moved)

I have no control over others and their screeds and cannot truck with any violation of the NAP.  (Even while admitting he VIOLATED the NAP by failing to keep his end of a bargain AND than promoting the IDEA that I was at fault.)

Within the next few months through today I have received on average one nasty gram from a “supporter” and obvious forum addict a week with several hangup calls a week to boot. A clear article from Bill stating HE avoided fulfilling HIS commitment would suffice, however, he has steadfastly refused to right his wrongs, rather he has proposed via forum and in person conversations with other individuals that he has “NO IDEA what that crazy Jesse means”.

Obviously, for some the breaking of ones word is not a big deal, however, seeing as how I base my entire life as an individual around keeping my word and as Bill himself has preached regularly that our word makes us the men we are! I must ask, if he is capable of breaking his word with someone who assisted, supported and went to bat for in PERSON are not you his readers and digital supporters far more likely to receive the raw end of his statist deal?

He has also remained employed as a military contractor working as a NATO/ US military liaison for six figures so as to supplement his other pursuits. 1969241_10202598612700092_1084611419_nOne of which is attempting to convince a segment of the so called movement that he is some type of expert in an area which he has consistently shown considerable lack of specific necessary skills.

Additional texts from his friends (some who used to be mine as well) show his ability to silver tongue his way out of his commitments versus fulfilling them as a man of honour would. Buppert-at-speaking-engagementHe consistently talks himself up as someone who respects the code of the Bushido and worships at the altar of freedom and yet, his actions both publicly available and in private conversations and broken commitments show he is all blather with no real substance.

You decide, do you continue to support individuals like this who use the idea of freedom for personal gain all the while acting not on the tenants of peace and freedom but of government and statism?

Can you be an honourable man Bill Buppert? Or are you only capable of continued moral and real cowardice, hiding behind the skirts of your “womanly*” friends and denying the facts YOU admit to?

Free the mind and the body will follow

* the term womanly was used by one of our former mutual friends in his attempt to SHAME me into not pursuing justice, rather than shame me he only succeeded in showing his true loyalties which are to this morally reticent creature. Sadly, this individual lost in myself someone who has done far more for him and who has always kept his word.



About Jesse Mathewson

Jesse Mathewson is the author of the popular blog, jessetalksback.com and provides commentary to many varied places based on a background that includes education in criminal justice, history, religion and even insurgency tactics and tactical training. His current role in his community is as an organizer of sorts and a preacher of community solidarity and agorism. He also runs Liberty Practical Training, a self defense school specializing in the practical applications of defensive approaches versus the theoretical. As an agorist, voluntaryist and atheist his life is seen as crazy and wild by many, though once they get to know him most realize he is a bluntly honest individual who will give you the shirt off his back if he believes it is necessary to help you. Very simple, "That which is voluntary between all individuals involved is always right, if it is not voluntary, it is always wrong."
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  1. KC Connor says:


    Unfortunately it’s the nature of volunteer-driven enterprises for some people to be left unfulfilled by their associations with them. I’ve had co-instructors let me down with unprofessional conduct, failure to master materials, and even sub-par marksmanship capabilities by failing to train regularly.

    I’m very much a perfectionist in my own expectations for myself, and often extend those expectations onto others. It’s humbling when I sometimes fail to live up to my own or others’ expectations.

    Can you please guide me to “point?” No disrespect intended, but it’s hard to find.

    What I’m hearing is that you have an unfulfilled personal goal, to be an Appleseed instructor. And you’re holding Bill accountable to that.

    I’m telling you, as an active Appleseed Instructor, that you can still become one. Perhaps Bill promised some coaching or something, and you never got it. I’m telling you, as an active Appleseed Instructor, that I’ll show up at the next SV event that is sub-90 degrees, if you will, and I’ll focus on coaching your technique and get you closer to 210… but MORE IMPORTANTLY, I’ll focus on teaching you to coach yourself so you can get yourself closer to 210 on your own.

    However, if I do that… I want a guarantee. We all want guarantees, right?

    I want a guarantee that you will bring your A-game to the line as a shooter for the weekend. I want a guarantee that the time I put in, builds me peace between 2 friends. It builds me a better friendship with you, whom I’ve only met a few times but I respect. It builds me an IIT I can count on (you) for several years of contribution to the Appleseed program, adhering to Appleseed doctrine when presenting shooting techniques, historical information, and retaining martial proficiency with a rifle.

    That seems to address concerns 1-3 on your comment made at 11:42am. I know nothing about concerns 4-6.

    Why do I care about 1-3? Because Bill is a team member of a program I care about. He’s left that team, but he represented that team as an integral part of its southern Arizona leadership. If he’s left a bad reputation for anyone in that area, I want to make it better because Bill is one of my students in Appleseed and I was involved in promoting him to Instructor and Shoot Boss, along with a couple of other instructors who also mentored him. And items 1-3 seem to be the root of the problem you’re having.

    That’s what I do for team members. I back them up.

    You want to be on my team?


  2. Two + years, and numerous commitments every single one he broke. But you are right, its obviously the organizations fault.

    However, this isnt even the point any more. Read what was written, I made it clear. Try to stay on point. Thanks-


  3. KC Connor says:

    I’m not being goaded into pursuing this by any force other than my own curiosity, Jesse.

    Hypothetical question for you:

    Let’s say I am a widget peddler. I sell widgets for a living. I am employed by Widget Wholesalers, Inc. The widgets are made by Widget Manufacturing Corp. You come along and buy a widget from me. The widget has a warranty for 5 years. Two years after you buy the widget, it breaks. However, I’ve retired from the act of peddling widgets.

    Do you pursue satisfaction from the original widget peddler, or from the Widget corp?

    Also… I would caution your involvement with volunteer groups like Appleseed with the following info:

    1. Appleseed is Statist. It’s about as Statist as Ron Paul, but it’s still Statist and inherently oriented towards historical idolatry and parchment worship. I still support it and use it as a vehicle to wake up lazy statists and start them thinking more about independence, but it’s not what I would prefer to preach when I have 20 people as a semi-captive audience.

    2. Appleseed is volunteer based. I’ve probably lost $25k on Appleseed expenses over the last 7-8 years. I’ve driven a brand new truck into the ground. I pretty much never request gas, mileage, hotel or food reimbursements. I buy staples, staple guns, pens, duct tape, cases of water, filing materials, postage stamps, T-post drivers, T-posts, rebar wire, zip ties and all sorts of equipment for it. I experiment with different types of take-down target lines. I spend hours begging “big box” retailers, or going to gun safe retailers, for cardboard boxes to then cut into target backers. I jump through hoops with the national organization and receive zero gratitude in return for doing so.

    If you want to volunteer with Appleseed, then do it.

    I do caution you to examine your motivations, however. I’ve been left “high and dry” by the national organizers of Appleseed a couple of times. The first time, I got really angry like you are right now. Interestingly, it was when I was a new IIT in the program and helping to organize our first event ever in Payson. But if you want to work for Appleseed, you have to embrace the idea that you’re furthering the goals of Appleseed. You don’t do it so you can say you earned a Red Hat, like some sort of Boy Scout badge. You earn the Red Hat so that you can be one more voice in the Appleseed system and try to wake up some lazy statists.

    That often doesn’t jive with libertarian/voluntaryist/objectivist oriented people, that prefer to do things with the expectation of a direct reward. I have a very Randian outlook towards selfishness, for example, and I only do things that I want to do, that please me. Occasionally, that includes charity or volunteer work because it might be a cause I support or friends have motivated me to feel urgency towards their own cause. In either of those cases, the reward is emotional rather than titular or physical. But I don’t do anything if it doesn’t present some opportunity for positive reinforcement for myself. My motivation for Appleseed has been waning as the organization has gotten larger. I really liked the people who came out to events for the first 3-5 years. Now… I think we’ve drawn a more “centrist” demographic and I’m not enjoying spending a weekend with these people, and I don’t think I’m making the impact I need to make. My reward is supposed to be more IIT’s, more like-minded friends, waking up a few minds stuck on cruise control and get them to shift into 4-Low and navigate the rocks and stumps of coercive government. It ain’t happening. So my reward just isn’t there, and I’m tailoring off my involvement to 4 events a year and less leadership.

    Bill is no longer with Appleseed, but Deb and Scott frequently teach classes down at SV. I don’t think I’ve been down there for about 2 years. I’ll probably head down for 1 event this fall, it’s been awhile.


  4. Unfortunately not raffling, though that may be a good idea. I wanted to sell or barter it, I have been an archer for many years since early childhood and though I have had a break in active use for a few years am back to doing it again.

    As for the other, I seriously hope you do not misunderstand my issue as simply a minor misunderstanding based on rules. The facts are available as you can see and the issue remains that an agreement was made and broken on his end. Your work as a volunteer was completed with a goal in place, if during the completion of your agreed upon work you were suddenly left high and dry without explanation and told that the hours and time invested amounted to a zero amount what would your response be? (Please feel free to consider this as it is exactly what occurred to myself.)

    Recently another individual was able to fix one portion of the agreement made, however, Bill still maintains complete innocence where he is not and in a situation that has caused not only myself but many others with whom I have gained trust and respect for in one on one interaction over the course of many long years to lose respect for Bill entirely. Again, it is a matter of honour, this much is clear and really there is no defence for it. However, as previously stated it seems most individuals are incapable of separating honour and what is real from that which is hyperbole and emotional connection.

    Bill is an unreliable individual and has proven this to myself and others. I would refer you to other involved if I thought you actually cared about the truth and not just assisting Bill as he refuses to admit his part in this publicly. The facts remain, his word was broken numerous times and regardless the minutia of rules he avoided and has avoided myself actively which further ensures his dishonour in my and others view, these are individuals I rely on as truly honourable individuals.

    He benefited as has some in his family as a direct result of my maintaining my end, he failed to keep his end which while it can be overcome with more time has caused me problems outside of his support network of idiots and the regular attacks from them. A public apology as outlined above will suffice, this was offered as a solution after I published the first piece simply warning people to be careful on a personal basis with this man. He declined, after all, his character is such that he cannot admit a wrong nor can he be seen as weak. The facts are he is a weak minded man with no honour who cannot outside of taking government contracts prove his abilities. Please understand, as a FREE individual my honour and the iron clad nature of a handshake agreement is to me more important than mere friendship. With there being over seven billion people it is possible to get by without one individuals weak skill set and abilities.

    On a side note, I shot a grand total of ONE scored target at the first appleseed, I had a 148 or 150, I did this less than a month out a surgery on my back (simply one in a long progression). I have overcome many personal and professional difficulties throughout my lifetime, and the one thing I can say with surety and as a point of personal pride is when I give my word, I keep it. If he desires my silence in regards to this he will admit publicly he failed to keep his word and apologize. After all, having shot with the man it is hard to understand how he actually scored higher than a 140 ever except through sheer luck. Especially given his inability to break down and clean even a simple Glock without assistance. (Yes, this is a well known item of interest and fact within the local circle of trusted shooters in our part of this land mass known as Arizona.) I do not expect he could nor would he ever actually admit his faults. However, given the facts available what is not in question is my completion of the bargain, whereas his lack of honour in completing the bargain as well as simply walking away without letting any who had assisted him outside of his inner circle of personal cheerleaders he was doing so.

    For most of us including myself, goodbye and good-riddance, however, it doesnt change his breach of honour and his failure to rectify or even attempt to rectify the situation. Understand this, if it were not for the continued harassment by his brown nosing supporters I would have dropped this long ago and indeed did try. He must be honest with those around him and indeed publicly acknowledge etc.,


  5. KC Connor says:

    I’ve worked upwards of 50 Appleseeds, Jesse, driving as far as 750 miles from home to do it sometimes. Especially in the early days of the program, lots of events would be short-handed and instructors sometimes will poll the attendees, looking for more experienced shooters or participants who are instructors in other realms of firearms proficiency… and then tap those people for use as line safety officers. Not uncommon at all.

    Early on, we had those people in a grey area. Most of them had little trouble shooting the 210 score, and we (instructors) immediately latched onto whomever that person was and turned them into an orange hat IIT as quickly as possible.

    Other folks got instructor stars in their own eyes but try as they might, couldn’t produce the 210 on a target. The technical requirements for orange hat are a combination of the 210 score, and attendance as a shooter at 2 events. A senior instructor or state coordinator can waive 1 of those 2 requirements, but we’re pretty loathe to do that since the person who overcomes adversity in a 210 score just makes for that much better of an instructor. And no matter what, even if an IIT gets a 210 waive… no one ever gets a Red Hat (full instructor) without a 210 score.

    Same goes with the history presentation, and points of instruction. There’s lots of potential talking points about April 19th. But RWVA (the folks that run Appleseed) puts on these events and pays the insurance, and I have a gentleman’s agreement to present the history the way they want it presented. Otherwise I’m in violation of my own word if I stray into topics that RWVA doesn’t want presented during the event. I am also beholden to them to ensure that any instructors I train and promote, will present history to the same standards. Same thing goes for the marksmanship curriculum. It must be taught using the same materials (6 steps, 3 positions, 3 sling techniques, NPOA, etc). No improvisation or substituting materials is allowed.

    Nowadays, for people who are enthusiastic about the program and want to contribute in helping run a shoot, we have a new role called a supporter who wears a blue hat. Not an instructor, but someone in that in-between role between an IIT and a participant. Blue hats help with line safety and event setup/coordination, but aren’t instructors until they get that 210 down and then begin the IIT process.

    I do remember the SV range has a nifty conex storage container and there were some wooden target stands in there that Appleseed used. No longer there? I don’t know the ownership provenance of them or if these are the stands you’re talking about.

    I noticed you’re raffling a bow at JackFest. I just picked up archery this year, and shoot a 50# southpaw recurve. Going out for deer in August.


  6. On a side note. His and my issue should never be the cause of issue between myself and others, as long as you havent called and hung up, we should have a drink together at jackalope, I am bringing two decks of copegs, two tables and a bar 🙂


  7. I am aware of what is expected, however, as the article made clear it was the agreement made that I honored and he did not that is the problem. Additionally as the article made extremely clear it is the continued promotion by himself to others of his “innocence” versus simply admitting fault that has become the problem.

    Since it seems the well worded, cited article is difficult to understand I will give you easy to follow numbers.

    1. The first appleseed I attended I was asked by him to assist in watching the line as he was short people. My experience in instruction and ability far exceeds his magical but non existent abilities as many dozens of people in Cochise County arizona can easily attest.
    2. As I was at this point a friend I continued over the course of approximately two years to assist, he stated during the first appleseed that he would assist me in specific minutia as necessary for appleseed program compatibility. This he stated he would do (originally) within the first month.
    3. During the course of two years of my assisting in this program from fighting the local board of the range on his behalf, (again witnesses can attest) to assisting him in meeting others who eventually made over 25 stands to help and more he continued to ignore my requests for assistance and or fulfillment.
    4. A person we both knew made a commitment with myself and also broke it in the meantime, this person was going to trade one type of product for another that I supplied. This person decided to not fulfill his committed role and additionally began to spread incorrect information about me. I called him out, he refused to as bill has be a man and simply admit his wrong. Instead bill sided with this gentleman and proceeded to ignore me for the next bit of time.
    5. Now understand this, bill and his family have benefited greatly from my networking and local connections, he committed to a course of action and I fulfilled my end. He ended up simply walking away without a word to myself or others at the range and in the process took the stands without a word, as well as having not once fulfilled his word in any way.
    6. I continue to receive emails messages and hang ups related to this from those who believe I should simply let it go. Obviously I should abide others and let this go as honor is dead especially with him and thosesupporting him.

    I know some adore him and that his silver tongued ways have covered many wrongs, sadly I also understand that they will not apply basic right and wrong to this, rather as all of his many worshipers and minions they will choose to endlessly hypothesize. This is reality, something bill for all his air spent has no clear idea about.

    Thanks for commenting, and I hope you get to know some real individuals at jackalope, after all, some of us care about our word given as commitment for deed, service or product and our honor is more than just something to philosophically consider.



  8. KC Connor says:

    Jesse, can you please succinctly describe this breach of etiquette or oral contract or whatever it is you perceive has happened?

    If you want to be an Appleseed Instructor, you just have to do two things:
    1. Shoot to Rifleman standard (210+ out of 250 on the AQT)
    2. Study and demonstrate proficiency with all Instructor materials over a series of “Instructor In Training” levels, IIT levels 0-4.

    Bill is hardly the only person in the area capable of building up a new instructor, and he’s hung up his Appleseed Instructor’s hat about 2-3 years ago.

    If you want to be an instructor in this program… come to events and learn how. Simple as that. I’ll tell you right now that Bill has never had the ability to wave a magic wand and “make” someone an instructor that has not been to at least 6 Appleseed events. Nor do I have that ability, nor any of the other instructors. Non-negotiable elements include the candidate MUST be able to shoot Rifleman scores, and MUST command proficiency with all RWVA safety standards, points of instruction, and historical narratives. Frankly, I’m hanging up my more senior responsibilities in Appleseed myself and merely retaining a role as an instructor, working maybe 4 events a year in this year and those to come.

    I’ll be at JackFest, toting up some anarchy hooch which can be drank at a “subscription basis.” No excise tax on any of this stuff. 😉


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