Crimea in the morning, Crimea in the afternoon, and Crimea right before you go to bed. Will it get to the point where Libertarians or any liberty denomination believers say “#MUHCRIMEA?”. Well, it could happen. It is a sad that a former  KGB officer who accepted false communistic ideals and  invaded a portion of another country that isn’t his. According to the Daily Beast, in an article titled” Ravenous Russia, Thirsty Crimea” by Oleg Shynkarenko and Will Catheart, they state that” taking Ukrainian territory is one thing , holding on to it is another”. Most people would say, “but he has Crimea already!”. Well you’re wrong, Oleg Shynkarenko and Will Catheart later on state that”Crimea may be formally and theoretically part of Russia at this point, but it still relies on the Ukraine mainland for the most basic of necessities such as water and electricity.” What Putin is oblivious to is that Crimea may have been a part of Russia in the past and Putin recaptured it as his own, He really hasn’t done a good job in extracting the resources away from the Crimean dwellers. This is an issue not about past history as it is about resources.

However, the MSM(mainstream media), isn’t talking about the fact that Shynkareno and Catheart are bringing something new to the Crimea debate, they iterate that “The government in Kiev says that Crimea is not paying for the water the peninsula is consuming and that the peninsula has accrued a debt of nearly $200,000. (This echoes, of course, Moscow’s insistence that Ukraine pay more for Russian gas.) Kiev calls this “the practice of unauthorized water intake” or to put it simply, Crimea is stealing our water: more than four million cubic meters worth. ” The Crimean Revolution and the outcry maybe a distraction to the real issue: their water debt. However Crimea being force to pay more for Russian gas won’t help get rid of the water debt. It will create more debt. Crimea however, shouldn’t be blamed as it was the alleged government that brought it into this debacle. What the their government is doing is controlling the waterways when everyone has a right to the use of water.  Government dictating what  is utterly preposterous. However, the fact that Putin has his grasp on Crimea, won’t get rid of the fact that there are serious strains between the government and the Crimean people. It will only create more.

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  1. mmurray0369 says:

    Is it consumable/potable water or waterways? Water for industry and agriculture? Either way the idea that “everyone has a right to the use of water” is ridiculous. The beloved Fed’s as well as every state, county and city regulate water use which means some (like the farmers in CA’s central valley) will do with less or go without. This is use of force in the real world, whether it is Russian tanks or EPA SWAT teams.


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