Why as a military contractor you are the problem.

Before we get started, remember, a job is a job right? I was just following orders, so it’s not my fault. It’s that damn Morodor on the Potomac as some quasi anarchists love to preach. But, we all work for the government…really? If I use big words and lots of them people will think I am smart and will blindly listen to every lie I tell! I went to school, am a liberal arts major and proud of it! Hey, I’m using the money I made to fight back…(hasn’t contributed a red cent yet, instead gets paid to speak!)

Don’t worry, the bill bupperts of the world are not to blame and have a perfectly plausible reason for working for contractors…remember, he runs http://www.zerogov.com so obviously because he gets paid to speak about anarchy and writes about anarchy it’s okay if he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen tax money for a few years of being a military contractor, right?


No it’s okay, really, it is.

Yeah, your right, it isn’t okay. Because if it is okay to just be a helper getting paid big bucks and not keeping his word or doing anything that costs him for anyone else while writing and speaking about something he doesn’t understand makes it okay…seriously? Look, I know many people do not like me, I know that my mannerisms can offend and honestly, I try to curb them when in mixed company, however, I also know what makes a real man.

Integrity- the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Honor – high respect or esteem, to fulfill or keep your word or a contract

Moral character- The or a disposition to express behavior in consistent patterns of functions across a range of situations.

These attributes make a man a truly individual man, one that should have your respect. If someone cannot fit those characteristics the question should be asked, why do I continue to listen to them? The lack of these characteristics are why I discontinued my relationships with many people, especially with those who embrace war, military, police, government and more. It is the moral ineptitude of the few that have caused the problems for the many. Why would I embrace this regardless the occasional good deed? Wouldn’t my embracing someone who exhibits none of the above characteristics be the very definition of insanity?

Again, this is a response to an email received just today from someone I had considered a good acquaintance even possibly a friend. My response was exactly what is in this article, I detest moral cowardice and more to the point, I detest the craven fools who would enshrine the non-existent virtues of someone like Bill Buppert. His little group of die hard followers has avoided asking for the truth, standing on their idea that he can tell no lies and do no wrong. So week after week he brags on his accomplishments (which are few in reality) and his role as a government enforcer of the highest caliber, a true snitch! I would put it to those reading who may continue to embrace him and his writing that you question, ask him directly to give his reason for his roles in the current and past immoral actions of this nation and his verbal aspirations towards the idea of freedom and anarchy which, by deeds he has not supported.

I welcome all comments and counter articles as always and will publish or allow all unless they run against the nap as I have defined it clearly before and will now again. I will also gladly make available emails and texts between myself and him or from his loony crew of supporters that he declined to simply tell, I messed up. You see, a simple I messed up to those who have harassed me now for six months would have worked, yet, he refuses. Is this the action of a moral, integrity driven honor bound man? If you care about evidence, ask. If not, keep believing the bullshit, sadly most do and will.

Do the right thing, or don’t. At least I actually do and contribute and give of my very meager subsistence to promote freedom. While he hates cops, and yes folks he does hate them, he is a hypocrite, liar, coward and unworthy of the time of any who holds freedom dear.

Do not be an aggressor against anyone or anyones property, if someone acts with aggression against you or your property, defend yourself or your property.

Free the mind and the body will follow


About Jesse Mathewson

Jesse Mathewson is the author of the popular blog, jessetalksback.com and provides commentary to many varied places based on a background that includes education in criminal justice, history, religion and even insurgency tactics and tactical training. His current role in his community is as an organizer of sorts and a preacher of community solidarity and agorism. He also runs Liberty Practical Training, a self defense school specializing in the practical applications of defensive approaches versus the theoretical. As an agorist, voluntaryist and atheist his life is seen as crazy and wild by many, though once they get to know him most realize he is a bluntly honest individual who will give you the shirt off his back if he believes it is necessary to help you. Very simple, "That which is voluntary between all individuals involved is always right, if it is not voluntary, it is always wrong."
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5 Responses to Why as a military contractor you are the problem.

  1. shootinjh says:

    Hmmm dunno.


  2. shootinjh says:

    Jesse, I respect you in many ways. In many ways, we see thing similarly. My reading, and a suspect your re-reading of your post, seems not to be in line with your goal. If Bill or I or a t-Shirt salesman harms you through fraud or other force, it would seem that an article bringing our shortcomings to light ought to include THAT shortcoming. If Bill sold you a car after putting sawdust in the oil to smooth it out, if he bought a house from you but refused to pay, promised to go into business with you or otherwise violated his word; he is fully deserving of a warning sent to the community warning them of his shadiness. In this case however, I saw NO facts, only snarky remarks about unrelated topics. I don’t follow Bill’s blog and I don’t know much about him or his followers.

    If a fat man tells me that drinking a gallon of water a day is good for my body, I will likely place less trust in his suggestion than if a human psychical specimen like Pete Erye with the body of a Greek god suggests the same … lol … but we all know from our logic 101 that a message ought to stand on its own merit, regardless of the messenger. Bill has done stuff that in my opinion he should not have done. So have I. TODAY however, he delivers a message with which I agree.

    Perhaps Guillermo de Ruppert will take on another contract with the gummint, and perhaps the fat man will eat another Big Mac. The fact remains that “freedom is cool” and “a gallon of water a day is good for my body.”

    I challenge you to request a free DRO-type arbitration from a liberty person ya’ll both trust to work out whatever dispute you have.

    By the way, I love that you have a post requesting character references, be they good or bad. I respect that. Really.


    • I offered several solutions over the course of a few years, he never even bothered to respond. He struck out, and up until just a month ago was continuing to work as a nato/us mil snitc..go between, sorry, he loses 😦


  3. I havent attacked Ernie :).

    As for Bill, would you like to know why? Or are you one of those who prefers to talk versus act? He had well over three years to make good, he did not instead choosing to denigrate me by believing he did not have to keep his word.

    Since I do not call cops, or work for the military this is the only way available to warn others of his lack of character. I am not the only one he has screwed, he has walked away from many commitments, I am just the most capable of verbalizing it.

    I must ask, what is more important too you. To be seen as good or to be good?



  4. Shepard says:

    This is the second “sour grapes” article I have seen from you regarding people voluntarily exchanging value with each-other, perhaps there are more articles. I appreciate that it is frustrating that you might not be a sought-after guest speaker / firearms trainer. I also “get” that it is easier to attack fellow travelers in the name of honor, integrity and moral character, all of which are subjective terms.

    i choose to charge what the market will bear for my shooting instruction. I chose to spend some of that money to fly through government skies to PHX for Ernest’s Freedom Fest in February. Friday evening through Sunday afternoon were absolutely wonderful, and I got my full money’s worth! The only low-point was one Bitcoin speaker that was a naive young lady, and while I could have later lambasted her for traveling on government roads which were paid for with non-bit-coin currency, I chose instead not to attack a fellow traveler. I choose.

    I met and had lunch off-site with Bill Buppert, Pete Erye and Marc Stevens along with a couple lesser-known movers & shakers in our community, of which I am a very small one. We all walked together, using government sidewalks to get from the convention to the restaurant. Are we all big hypocrites for saying both before and after this event that we think sidewalks ought to be private? Does that mean that we are all without honor, integrity and moral character? Perhaps.

    I chose not to spend my time attacking these people that I like nor the young lady that I did not like. i care not about their past, my interest was in learning more about liberty and having my brain exercised positively. You might not respect free market interactions or find the exchange of money, goods and services voluntarily between folks to be repulsive or less honorable than a system whereby the commune all chips in what they can for free and gets out what they want for free. I choose the free market. I agree with Doug Casey that is is sad to see so many “broke” libertarians. This is one reason I mentor others in business matters, helping share with them what little I have learned. I choose to do so.

    My choice includes listening to speakers that speak with power, eloquence, passion etc. If, during a 1-hour speech, a speaker slips up on grammar a time or two, I still get the message, but I find it to be distracting. If I am spending thousands of dollars to travel to an event, I expect top-notch speakers. Bill Buppert was, even though he was unfortunately only on one panel on opening night, I wish he had spoken the following day!

    You can attack Bill, you can attack Ernie and those that spend money on freedom fests, you can attack, attack, attack. I choose to support or ignore my fellow travelers.


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