If it is an event that has an attendance fee, avoid it.

(Addition- there has been several interesting threats and comments made about this article with none actually addressed to me directly. Sadly this is normal with regards to those who the article is about, it was made private for a small amount of time but is now viewable, unedited. Enjoy.)

A note from the author –

The links within the article may come up as untrustworthy depending on the programs or type of surfing you do, they are not dangerous, however, the DOD/ GOV links are tagged and routinely monitored for activity. I do have copies of ALL documents linked and or referred to though I linked because many of those reading will be quick to cry foul. Also the events to which I am referring are NOT wine tastings and food seminars where you actually receive a very real benefit for monies paid. No the events I am talking about are the equivalent of voting assemblies in many ways.

If it is an event that has an attendance fee, AVOID IT! I have avoided the San Diego event because, I carry for personal protection and refuse to not do so. I have avoided the New Hampshire event because, why? The entire thing is an oxymoron, the name, what the rules are and more. Sure I can carry but…why would I pay anything to have someone else tell me what I can and cant do regardless the small amount involved? I wont go to the Phoenix event because, I dont care to hear any of the listed speakers, they have nothing I want to hear. Here is the other reason I avoid most pay to be entertained by someone who produces absolutely nothing other then feelings event.

It is a simple reason why I avoid seminars and large scale liberty events that have an attendance fee. It is quite simple, and most people simply ignore it because like before they are able to easily balance the need and want versus the cost. Those of us who no longer vote like to tell our statist friends and any other that cares to listen that we grew tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. We love to assume the moral high ground by making it clear we would never support the lesser of two evils regardless reason. pic1

So why do you continue to pay good money to attend conferences where you may listen to one or two people you like and have to sit through or avoid the rest that you cannot stand? What is the difference? You are supporting all the speakers when you pay that good money, and as a result you are doing exactly what you claimed to your statist friends just last week you would never do again. You are supporting the lesser of two evils because you want something. This is the essence of politics, and a good politician can easily maintain office regardless the true nature of their selves if they are capable of promising something to the people most likely to support them.

I am going to give you a short list of individuals that I would now recommend you never donate money to again. I will list a small list of reasons as to why, the choice is yours of course. Whether you follow the list or not is not my concern, however, I believe it is important that the cognitive dissonance of other freedom lovers be shaken lose. Following this list I will present an additional list of individuals whom I believe you should support as an alternative option to the first list. I will not be using numbers or alphabetic listing because honestly I dont care who is first or last. 20130201-075845.jpg

  • Adam Kokesh, There are numerous reasons to dislike this person. Not the least is the claim he made regarding his “%70” disability which as anyone with eyes can see he is quite fit and capable of walking long distances as well as standing for hours and more. Lying irritates me, especially as someone who is actually disabled and refused work by numerous corporations based on that. His recent issues with the state and the fact that he took a “plea” tells anyone who actually cares about this that something stinks. After all, what is a plea, and why are so many freedom minds against that? A plea means one must give someone or something up in return for something else. The legalese aside, I would suggest that given what Adam did that landed him in prison and the multitude of other charges against him that he has indeed given much up, or worse simply works for the (man) already. I would love to be wrong, however, since the court documents are not available and we only have his word for it, I will do what has kept me out of prison for many years and simply place him in the unreliable category.
  • Stefan Molyneux, He is the well known originator of Freedomain Radio, and I respect some of his views. However, there are many that I cannot respect or even remotely act as if I like. He tends to act like a bulldozer without brakes when in conversations and will never respond if you ask him a question. It is necessary at all times to be in his “circle” as it were, and most of us are simply not. His views regarding psychology (with a wife who has a career in the field paid for in part by state funds) are antiquated and based not in fact but fiction of which he loves to ramble on about. Personally, I do not like him, my son is autistic and he claims this is not something that is possible. Again I do like his peaceful parenting model in some respects but disagree with his approach regarding a child simply divorcing themselves if they dislike what their parents do. (Obviously I do not spend much time studying this any more and am relating basics for the sake of this article alone) 20121206-071950.jpg
  • Bill Buppert, He is proud of his “service” as an Army Officer and will always drop little hints (most false) about his “friends” in various branches. He has recently pursued and was granted a high paying (mid six figures) position with a military contractor in Afghanistan. He has never attempted to get away from this work, instead continually promotes it to those closest to him though he writes a good speech. He promotes his ability to adhere to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (2005) and the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (2012) * his most recent role in Afghanistan was as a liaison between NATO and USA armed forces operating in the country. I did at one point call him friend, I was mistaken in this respect and learned my lesson when he not once but several times failed to keep his word regarding training and my assistance with a program he ran at the time. He has done MUCH good for the liberty movement, however, I do not believe this good can outweigh the negative that he continues to voluntarily and in fact actively seek.
  • Ron Paul, Many freedom lovers and self described anarchists got started by listening to this man, and yet he is still a politician. Do I really need to say more?
  • Carla Gericke, president of the Free State Project -seriously, need I say more? There are several major contradictions within that simple title, President of the Free State Project not too mention the inability of the individuals involved to take a stand when they are being assaulted by cops. Lord knows we should never talk back, refuse a plea or do anything to upset our masters…
  • Alex Jones, I mean seriously, is there a more divisive individual on the planet, outside of Jackson and his butt buddy Sharpton are there? He presents such a deluge of misinformation and barely collated information that like most of the prophets of old and holy books he can say regularly, “see I told you so” and leave the less informed happy to continue sending him money or listening to that worthless show.
  • Any “activist” that still desires to be elected, promotes that or takes money from the system to promote it.
  • Any “activist” that promotes the idea that life is only meant to be ONE way.

Now for the list of individuals whom I would and do promote regularly and why.

  • Larken Rose, He is sincere, honest and unlike the above mentioned individuals will not claim one thing while doing another or make false claims about things of which he has no real knowledge. He simply is an individual. He does not join the various organizations that exist because he believes in the individual. I respect that as an individual and I respect him. larken-rose-copblock-wecopwatch
  • Any individual who was honest about who they were and why they wanted me to listen.
  • Any individual who promotes the individual first and group last!

As you can see the list for who I would actually pay to listen to or have a chance to meet is quite small, in fact, I would if I could afford it gladly pay out of my own pocket to have Larken Rose come out and speak to a group of my friends out this way. After all while they are all freedom loving dudes and chicks, some of them still cling to their desires regarding voting and more. They are honest about it, they understand what their vote does and it is simply a matter of time in many cases before they make the transition.

What about you? Who would you see and why?

Oh and remember, there is only ONE real freedom meetup/ conference etc., it is FREE, and anyone who comes can speak, contribute in song or sell, trade and barter whatever they want as long as they are acting voluntarily with other humans and not doing so by force. Bring your guns, weed, alcohol and more. You will feel welcomed, happy and above all safe! This event is JACKALOPE FREEDOM FEST, save the money you will spend on other events and use it to travel here- why waste money on lodging or camping spaces divided four times with others to make it affordable?img00000 Why not have the same fun without the cost? And NO I am not in any way paid or asked to promote this. Remember, it is WHERE SPONTANEOUS ORDER HAPPENS NATURALLY, WITHOUT ANY FORCE, COERCION, OR AGGRESSION. I would suggest bringing a $5-20 bill to contribute to the porta potties so that we can occasionally sit down and enjoy what we all need! Other then this make sure you have food, tents, shovel, and the necessities of camping.

Look I have 4lbs of titanium in my spine and I go, I sleep on the ground, last year I used my minimal funding to rent a vehicle and take others who would not have been able to make it, so really, what is your excuse?

*Please note as I said at the beginning of the article that the links within the article may come up as untrustworthy depending on the programs or type of surfing you do, they are not dangerous, however, the DOD/ GOV links are tagged and routinely monitored for activity. I do have copies of ALL documents linked and or referred to though I linked because many of those reading will be quick to cry foul.

Free the mind and the body will follow


About Jesse Mathewson

Jesse Mathewson is the author of the popular blog, jessetalksback.com and provides commentary to many varied places based on a background that includes education in criminal justice, history, religion and even insurgency tactics and tactical training. His current role in his community is as an organizer of sorts and a preacher of community solidarity and agorism. He also runs Liberty Practical Training, a self defense school specializing in the practical applications of defensive approaches versus the theoretical. As an agorist, voluntaryist and atheist his life is seen as crazy and wild by many, though once they get to know him most realize he is a bluntly honest individual who will give you the shirt off his back if he believes it is necessary to help you. Very simple, "That which is voluntary between all individuals involved is always right, if it is not voluntary, it is always wrong."
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15 Responses to If it is an event that has an attendance fee, avoid it.

  1. a says:

    fantastic publish, very informative. I’m wondering why the other experts of this sector do not
    notice this. You should proceed your writing. I’m confident,
    you have a huge readers’ base already!


  2. Rayneberry says:

    Anytime you travel anywhere you also pay taxes on many other things. Gas tax, plane ticket tax, hotel taxes, convenient store tax, and whatever other taxes the state can slip in. If “conferences” festivals are free to attend, and vend it makes it that much more affordable. Everyone always talks about supporting local, to me this does not mean a business that got permission from the state to exist. Supporting local to me means supporting Agorist. I guess it is important to know which Agorists put their bitcoin 🙂 back into the Agorist market, or if they turn them back into federal reserve notes. Also do they recklessly spend FRN’s or are they trying to use only alternatives, including food for exchange? I do think it is important to spread ideas to all liberty minded people, that way people can decide for themselves if they want to adopt another idea into their lives. I keep an open mind, if I can raise the bitcoin to attend most likely I’ll go, especially if I can share the idea of Agorism with someone new to liberty and of course so I can invite more jackalopes to the festival..you know there’s some on the east coast, and maybe one day I’ll share a funny story about an in the closet Jackalope living in the freestate.


    • KC Connor says:

      A gigantic reason why I ride a motorcycle as often as possible rather than drive a car. 50+mpg gives the bastages less fuel excise tax, and I register my bike as an OHV capable dual sport for $30 a year rather than the insane $100+ they want for conventional registration.

      Alma, aside from the model of JackFest (which is a great model!), how would you propose that something like Freedom Summit be organized? It’s taking over a hotel for 2 days, so the hotel wants compensation for the use of its facilities. The speakers want compensation to travel out here. I agree that itemized per-speaker tickets would be preferable to an omnibus package, but I also believe in exposing myself to ideas outside of my own comfort envelope and attempting to defeat the myopia of observation bias. It lends itself to more healthy and vigorous exchange of ideas.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rayneberry says:

        I would propose Freedom Summit to be organized exactly the way it is, by Ernest Hancock. It is his idea, his experience, his knowledge that inspires his creation of that event. I wouldn’t want to change it. I do however suggest that more Jackalope (free cities) (micronations) festivals get created. I also suggest that Jackalope should expand spontaneously, to provide the comforts others desire. If Jackalope offered more amenities, it would only be a matter of time until people leave hotels behind. Also it should definitely be a week long, so people have plenty of time to have avhealthy and vigorous exchange of ideas….around campfires.


  3. S.H. says:

    Jesse, I too have been angry, and while there is obviously something gong on behind the scenes, I suggest that article that sticks to the rules of logic would be of more use. Ordering breakfast special #3 that has the eggs you love, the hash browns you love, the toast you love … but that also comes with toast you don’t love, does not equate to supporting evil. if there a moral argument adhering to the laws of logic that make me incorrect?

    Perhaps the COMMUNE-ity can have both those that think everything should be free and that everything should be donation based, and also accept those that choose to charge market price for a product, service or festival, I absolutely agree that those that have not positioned themselves to be able to afford things can choose not to attend. A fest might be expensive: $500 plane ticket, $300 in meals, a $400 rental car, $400 in lodging and a $375 conference fee, for a total of $1,975.

    We may then ask ourselves, “Is a weekend at a time of year that is convenient, in a place where like-minded folk can meet and share ideas, where speeches can be listened to (of which 80% will probably suck and 20% will be awesome), where personal connections can be made, are all these things of more or less value than $1.975? If the answer is YES, why would a third party advocate “avoiding it?”

    If a voluntaryist owns the airline on which I fly to the Freedom Summit, should they welcome aboard the plane-full of people, take them to their destination, and then offer that no one owes them anything, but donations to cover fuel would be helpful? Of course they are free to do so, but they are no less moral if they set a price ahead of time, are they?

    It would seem to me that anarcho-capitalists might not be best-served by conducting business with each other according to the concept of, “from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs.” This seems to be a bit more black/red flag than black/yellow, doesn’t it?


    • These events are a way of categorizing those who have from those who have not. Not too mention they benefit liars and state worshipping phonies like Bill Buppert

      Bill admitted to lying to me, I have the records however he has declined to make it right outside of a half hearted apology- instead he has engaged in furthering the attempt at harming me by allowing his followers to continue unabated their attacks without cause.


  4. KC Connor says:

    I’ve spent several days watching this little bit of Jerry Springer drama unfold.

    Jesse, I’m bummed that there is a micro-rift in the micro-Anarchist society here in AZ. There’s plenty of Statist enemies to pick a fight with, without starting scraps with other folks. I’m not picking sides here… frankly I am attending Ernie’s Freedom Summit that you obliquely mention and I’ll be at JackFest again this year.

    If your biggest enemy right now is the likes of Ron Paul… you need to re-set your BSZ. ‘Cuz you’re splashing in the dirt way short of the target.

    Casting stones at the houses of non-enemies is not exactly the best means of adhering to the NAP. Every name you named in your list is someone who completely supports you living your life to 100% freedom inside of whatever moral framework you want to live within, as long as you aren’t violating the property or rights of others while living your life.

    I’d be very interested in this conversation morphing into a panel discussion at JackFest, between Bill, Ernie, Jesse and anyone else we can get to set on a podium or tree stump in the forest.

    But it needs to remain professional at this point and build into a proper constructive dialogue that furthers the concept of individual liberty.


    • Bill admitted to lying to me, I have the records however he has declined to make it right outside of a half hearted apology- instead he has engaged in furthering the attempt at harming me by allowing his followers to continue unabated their attacks without cause.


  5. Chris says:

    Damn Jesse, I had you pegged as a coward. Looks like you were able to scrape up enough honor to repost this, and stick by what you wrote.


    • I have never been a coward unlike the NATO endorsing, 6 figure stealing MURDER promoting douchebag you love so much. I face my problems, and attempted to rectify the one we had, as HE ADMITTED he AVOIDED that – sad really 🙂

      Never call someone what isnt true kid. And Chris, as always, I KEEP my word, remember. I didnt repost it, I took it off of private, as I am the admin of the site still.


  6. mercury says:

    There are some who know me by another name. Count yourself in that category. But today, I am identifying myself as mercury.

    Regarding your comment about Larken. “As you can see the list for who I would actually pay to listen to or have a chance to meet is quite small, in fact, I would if I could afford it gladly pay out of my own pocket to have Larken Rose come out and speak to a group of my friends out this way. ”

    You do, I hope, realize that he will be in Phoenix the weekend of Feb 15, right? It may be doable and I may be able to help raise any necessary funds if you were interested in arranging such an event.


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