Blood on Their Hands: How the U.S. Involvement in the Arab-Israeli War Made Israel the Criminal Nation that it is Today III

The years between 1961 -1968 would be a grueling period. It was the period of catastrophic failure.  Within the “ U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian” notes that the 1967 Arab-Israeli War was a failure for “…Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson administrations’ efforts to prevent renewed Arab-Israeli Conflict following the 1956 Suez War.” But with focus on U.S. involvement within the Suez Canal, their influence happened at the end of World War II.  Laurie Milner, author of the article ” The Suez Crisis”, wrote about the extreme change that was going on in the post World War II era and how the creation of Israel led to the first Arab-Israeli War and the uprising of Arab nationalism made the Middle East a ” …volatile region”.  The United States’s role in World War II was to oversee the “decolonization of the globe”. This supposedly was the optimal solution to end the war quicker.  However, the U.S. would soon come to terms with was that World War II would end and new enemies would emerge rather quickly.

When World War II ended and the establishment to handle the Jewish state as well as the terrible backlash made negotiations in terms of handling the Arab- Israeli War was difficult pre-1960’s.  According to the ” U.S. Department of State- Office of the Historian”, the United States had adhered to”…the Tripartite Declaration of 1950, wherein the United States, United Kingdom, and France had pledged to prevent aggression by Middle Eastern states and a oppose a regional arms race.” This was a powerful blockade to make sure that the Arab world knew who was boss. However, when 1963 rolled in and Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into office, he had a heavy plate on his hands. One can infer that being vice president to John F. Kennedy had its fallbacks.  In this case however, Johnson was the main hitter in the White House.  Kennedy was already dead and Johnson needed to pick up the country after loosing the very popular JFK. Johnson and his administration had to handle the Arab-Israeli conflict. Documents from the source” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian” notes, that the Tripartite Declaration of 1950 was ” no longer sustainable”. The Tripartite Declaration of 1950 was least of Johnson’s worries. With the Third Reich defeated in World War II, the new enemy was the Soviet Union.

Guns and weapons were on the rise and within the documents of ” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian” they state that the U.S.S.R. was selling arms to”… left-leaning Arab states, especially Egypt, threatened to erode Israel’s military superiority.” This affected Johnson due to the fact that the past presidents involvement in Israel and the making of it, Johnson’s administration had to act quickly.  Johnson’s advisors were especially filled with trepidation because if the United States didn’t act, according to the documents within the ” U.S. Department of State-Office of The Historian”, the “…shift in the balance of power, Israel’s leaders might launch a preventive war or develop nuclear weapons.” The possible threat that the Soviet Union imposed as well as the rise of Arab aggression would put Johnson in a position to act.

However, Johnson thought of a different idea. Within the documents of the ” U.S. Department of State- Office of the Historian”, Johnson thought it would be best to convince Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser and the Soviet leadership to”…work toward a regional arms control regime, but either party proved receptive. ” Although this sounded like a perfect plan on Johnson’s behalf it was incredibly elusive execution.  When 1965 came along, Johnson abandoned the regional arms control regime idea and as is stated within the documents of the ” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”, agreed to sell Israel ” M48A3 tanks, followed by A-4 Skyhawk aircraft in 1966.” Before the United States didn’t see a reason to play the protective father figure to Israel until the Soviet Union was attempting to side with the Arab aggression.  Speculation ensued yet the “U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian” states that the only rationale behind this transaction according to National Security Council staffer Robert Komer was that ” Arab knowledge that they could not win an arms race against Israel should contribute long-term to the damping down on the Arab-Israeli dispute.”  Staffer Komer with all do respect had the liberty to oppose the Arab aggression towards Israel but Komer didn’t adjust his mind to the facts that Israel was a budding criminal nation.

Regional balance of power would become an arduous task. With the extrinsic force of guerilla forces it would be even harder.  The ” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian” states that ” …balance of power were soon undermined by Fatah and other Palestinian guerilla organizations, which began attacking targets inside Israel.” Previously with disastrous policies like the Balfour Treaty, the Resolution 181, and the selling of arms to Israel fueled these guerilla forces.  These forces would swoop throughout the region. Johnson and his administration had to act quickly.  According to the ” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”, Johnson’s administration tried to ” …intercede with Fatah’s Syrian patrons and to prevent Israeli retaliation against Jordan, from which Palestinian raids were launched.” The Johnson Administration failed to realize until this point was that since Truman’s administration the United Nations and other countries were creating Frankenstein [Israel] and when Johnson came along not taking action would be just as bad as taking action. The United States already stuck their feet into the Israeli issue they might as well dive in.

Jordan became an issue in this war.  Israel was getting stronger in defending their given land.   Within the documents of the ” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”, the then King Hussein of Jordan in secrecy, agreed to keep “…Jordan’s strategically crucial West Bank a buffer zone.”  The West Bank would be a shield against the roaring fighting on both sides.  According to the “ U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”,  the U.S. officials were afraid that ” …Israeli reprisals could undermine King Hussein.” This would be the case because the ” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian” notes, is that in 1966,  Israel attack the West Bank town of Samu, the Johnson administration voted for a “…United Nations Resolution condemning Israel, admonished Israeli officials and authorized an emergency airlift of military equipment.” Johnson who was a die-hard Democrat, switch sides and realized that Israel was a criminal nation.  Samu created a knee jerk reaction. The ” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian” states that ” the administration’s response to Samu’ helped prevent further Israeli reprisals against Jordan, it failed to address the underlying problem of Palestinian cross-border attacks. By spring of 1967, the Israelis were retaliating forcefully against Syria, whose leaders demanded that Egypt intervene on their behalf.” The fire was burning and this was going to be a journey that citizens of this nation would never forget. This would lead to the pre war debacle that would change everything within the paradigm of Arab-Israeli relations.

Pre-War would be excruciating for United States.  According to the” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”, during the year of 1957 President Eisenhower had promise that ” the United States would treat the closure of the Straits as an act of war.” Yet this was the year of 1967 and Johnson was not in comfortable territory. Johnson only had 3 options. According to the ” U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”,  those  unwelcoming options were, ” …to renege on Eisenhower’s promise, acquiesce in an Israeli attack on Egypt, or order U.S. forces to re-open the waterway.” Eisenhower was not willing to help Johnson. 6 options would’ve been better.  Three options posed the risk of cutting the wrong wire.

The Johnson Administration faced a lot of flack during the Arab-Israeli War.  Between the dates June 5th to June 10th, according to the “ U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian” documents, Israel was slowly surprising the whole Arab hemisphere by “…defeating Egypt, Jordan, and Syria and occupied the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights.”  Israel now had the motivation to rise and made sure that the Arab nations would fall underneath the Zionist ruling. Since the U.S. government supported Israel the Arab world became their nemesis rather than conspiring to support the U.S.’s efforts. This evidence in shown within the  “ U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”, it states that “  …pro-Western Arab regimes, especially after Egypt and several other Arab states accused the United States of helping Israel and broke diplomatic relations.” Now, the U.S. and the Johnson administration only had one leg to stand on. Those who they [the Johnson administration] thought would be on their side once they pushed the Zionist cause were sorely mistaken.

Once the pro-Western Arab relationships with the United States were decimated, after June 5th, according to the “ U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”, the Johnson administration,  did not “ …pullback from the territories it had occupied.”  The “ U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian” would later unfold was the fact that “ …U.S. officials believed that in light of the tenuous nature of the prewar armistice regime, Israel should withdraw unless peace settlements were put into place.”  However, prayers were answered. The Arab-Israeli war ended. Within the documents of the “ U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”, Johnson was adamant on Israel’s position during the war.  In the documents he states that troops must be “…withdrawn but must also be recognized rights of national life, progress in solving the refugee problem, freedom of innocent maritime passage, limitation of the arms race, and respect for political independence and territorial integrity.” Johnson wanted not a buffer zone but a state of calm. Johnson felt that despite the Arabs wishes for Palestine to be renewed he felt that Israel could exist with all these Arab giants bordering them. However, according to the “ U.S. Department of State- Office of The Historian”, Arab nations thought thrice against “…a Latin American UN resolution calling for full withdrawal in exchange for recognition of “the right of all states in the area to live in peace and security” and a similar U.S.- Soviet draft, the Johnson administration scaled back its efforts to promote a settlement.” Arabs were against the idea due to the fact that they witnessed the United Nations and the U.S. government gearing their support for the Zionist cause. The Arab front was not prepared to give them selves over to the “bureaucratic peace”.

As the leaves fell in the month of October, the Johnson administration re-entered the Arab-Israeli cause.  The Soviets according to the “ U.S. Department of State-Office of the Historian”, the  “…Soviets began to circulate a new version of the resolution that they had promoted that summer.” The Soviets hoped that their efforts would be accepted by the Israeli people but the “ U.S. Department of State- Office of the Historian” states that Israel would “…reject the Soviet draft, the administration encouraged the United Kingdom to introduce an alternative resolution devise by UN Ambassador Arthur Goldberg.”  The Bureaucratic surge wasn’t going to assuage the stride within the Israelis heart.  The Soviet Union wanting to create the resolution within the region would potentially turn Israel into a communist nation.

November 22nd came in. It had been years since the Kennedy assassination. But Kennedy’s death was not what was going to be talked about. A resolution was in dire need.  The “ U.S. Department of State –Office of the Historian,” states that “ Security Council Resolution 242 adopted on November 22 called for Israel’s withdrawal from “territories” occupied in the recent conflict in exchange for “ termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or act of force.”  Although subjective between the two parties [Arabs and Israelis], this was the only solution. Yet what the Johnson administration failed to realize is that the state of Israel felonious tirade would increase dramatically even after President’s Johnson’s death.

The shocker would be that Ariel Sharon, the former Prime Minister of Israel, died on January 11th 2014. This was bound to happen due to the fact he was in a coma for 8 years.  However Sharon’s legacy leaves a lot of speculation.  Richard Becker, author of the article  “ Ariel Sharon: Serial War Criminal, Mass Murderer”, Becker states “ Sharon had a long and bloody history of murder and repression against Palestinian people. In the early 1950s he commanded Unit 101 a special forces company that carried out massacres against Palestinian exiles in Gaza and Jordan.” This shows us why the state of Israel is nothing but a hypocrite. For Sharon being the Jew that he was would’ve been executed under Nazi rule yet he is killing others just because they are Palestinian makes Sharon no better than Hitler. Later on Becker then explains the horrifying truth about what Sharon did on October 14th 1953. Becker states,   “ On October 14, 1953, Unit 101, led by Sharon, attacked Qibya, a small, undefended village inside the West Bank, and massacred 69 people, many of them burned alive inside their homes. Unit 101 suffered no casualties. It was an atrocity sanctioned at the top and carried out for political ends.” This is the prime example of how Israel felt that they had seniority over the innocent Palestinians. However this massacre did not go unnoticed. Becker later on states that “ the Qibya raid drew worldwide condemnation, and Jordan, much militarily weaker than Israel, did not respond as the Israeli leaders had hoped. The conquest of the West Bank and Gaza would have to wait until 1967.” It was a wonderful thing that this atrocity got recognized, but Ariel Sharon would later commit more crimes on Israel’s behalf.

The Sabra and Shatila massacres would be his most infamous crimes. Becker states that “ Following the 1967 war of conquest, Sharon was the military governor of Gaza, renowned for extreme brutality in carrying out a policy of systematic torture and assassination of Palestinians resisting occupation.” However, Becker later on dictates that Sharon’s greatest crime would happen in 1982. According to Becker’s article, he states  “ Sharon is most notorious for the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and the massacres of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Beirut. As Israel’s defense minister, Sharon organized and led with full U.S. backing, the massive assault on Lebanon. For three months in the summer of 1982, Israeli bombers, supplied by the U.S., relentlessly pounded Beirut and other cities and towns, killing more than 20,000 Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. Lebanon had no air defense system.” This just shows how tyrannical Israel is. They didn’t fight fairly and allow the Lebanese territory to fight back properly.

Fast forward to the year 2001 in February, According to Becker’s article, he states  “…Sharon was elected prime minister. In March 2002, the Israeli military carried out a massive operation in the West Bank and Gaza seeking to suppress the intifada. Among the most brutal attacks was one on the Jenin refugee camp in northern West Bank. Over several days, using militarized bulldozers along with heavy weapons, the Israel military demolished much of the camp, burying many people alive…the same year, Sharon began building the apartheid wall through the West Bank confiscating still more Palestinian land. “ Ariel Sharon was not stopped. He was given the okay to create the most havoc amongst the Palestinians.  Becker later states “ …Sharon called for Israel to “retain greater Jerusalem, united and undivided …under full Israeli sovereignty.”  Becker would later unfold the truth that it would mean that the “…Palestinian Old City and all of the surrounding areas that Israel illegally annexed after the 1967 war.”  The illegal activity and the atrocities didn’t stop there. Sharon later dictated according to Becker’s article, Sharon stated after desiring the lands annex Sharon stated, “ Israel does not accept under any circumstances the Palestinian demand for the right to return. Israel bears no moral responsibility for the refugees predicament.”  Sharon like the United Nations had strategically designed geopolitics of Palestine so the Jews would benefit.

What America fails to realize is that by progressing towards tyranny is wrong. But supporting a tyrannical killing machine with the star of David on it proposes new questions that must be answered in a court of law. Leaders like Ariel Sharon may die off but their messianic legacy will be remembered by the select few who were deeply affected by it.

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