Blood on their Hands: How the U.S. Involvement in the Arab-Israeli War and The Creation of Israel made Israel the Felonious Nation that It is Today Part I


The Arab-Israeli war was a sore thumb within the geographical territory known as the Middle East. The flame was lit by none other than President Harry Truman.  Evidence from “U.S Department of the State- The Office of The Historian”, explains how President Truman cold heartedly destroyed the morale of the Palestinian people. Although the ” U.S. Department of The State- The Office of The Historian” willing states that Truman’s predecessor President Franklin D. Roosevelt who vociferously ordered that “…the United States would not intervene without consulting both the Jews and the Arabs in that region.” Although some of Roosevelt’s policies were questionable during his time in office at least Roosevelt had the decorum to consult rather than intervene. Truman’s strategy was far of course to what Roosevelt had.  The ” U.S. Department of the State-The Office of The Historian”,  shows  that Truman was adamant in terms of help creating the Jewish State and how ” Throughout 1947, the United Nations Special Commission on Palestine examined the Palestinian question and recommended the partition of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state. On November 29, 1947 the United Nations adopted Resolution 181 (also known as the Partition Resolution) that would divide Great Britain’s former Palestinian mandate into Jewish and Arab states in May 1948 when the British mandate was scheduled to end. Under the resolution, the area of religious significance surrounding Jerusalem would remain a corpus separatum under international control administered by the United Nations.”  Since Great Britain’s mandate was scheduled to end, the territory would be split into one Jewish state and one Arab state. The thing that was worrisome was the notion that the United Nations which is located on U.S territory would be in charge with the city of Jerusalem.  However the lack of mutual agreement would turn the Palestinian spirits into cannon fodder.

It was blatantly obvious that the Resolution 181 wasn’t enough.  More needed to be done to further deplete the stature of the Palestinians. Within the documents of the ” U.S. Department of the State-The Office of The Historian”, it talks about how the Department of the State recommended that “…the creation of a United Nations trusteeship with limits on Jewish immigration and a division of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab provinces but not states.” This was done without consulting the people of either two separate territories. One can speculate that the dweller’s of either territory had some disdain.  This wasn’t the main problem.  Oil was extremely ubiquitous in the Arab gulf. Within the documents of the ” U.S. Department of the State- The Office of The Historian”, the State Department was  concerned about “… the possibility of an increasing Soviet role in the Arab world and the potential for restriction by Arab oil producing nations of oil supplies to the United States, advised against U.S. intervention on behalf of the Jews. ” Not only did The U.S. Government always as an ulterior motive and it wasn’t a surprise that oil was the main concern of worry.  If the Soviets invaded that would been that Russia would have domination and if they[ the USSR] could’ve dished out a scanty amount which would only supply a small portion of the U.S.  Entailed in the documents of the ” U.S. Department of the State-The Office of The Historian”, fear truly resonated when the date for British departure from Palestine fear.  In the document[ “U.S. Department of the State-The Office of The Historian”] states was that the Department of the state was “the possibility of an all-out war in Palestine as Arab states threatened to attack almost as soon as the UN passed the partition resolution.” The partition act did exactly that and that war was called the Arab-Israeli War. This would be another foreign corruption fiasco that the U.S. would have to take part in.

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