Hayek Was Right All Along: How The Treaty of Versailles, World War I and World War II, French Revolution and authoritarian/socialist policies, and collectivized policies like Common Core always come back to Hayek and why we must nurture his pearled oysters of Political and Economic Truth.

The New Year has come forth on our frontier. However, last year belong to F.A. Hayek. Hayek’s paramount book, “ The Road to Serfdom”, heroically points out the blatant barbarianism that was going on. “The Road to Serfdom” originally came in 1944, just one year before World War II ended.  In the 1st chapter of ” The Road to Serfdom” titled “The Abandoned Road” Hayek explains his astute outlook on civilization by stating, ” When the course of civilization takes an unexpected turn-when instead of the continuous progress which we have come to expect, we find ourselves threatened by evils associated by us with past ages of barbarianism-we naturally blame anything but ourselves.” Barbarianism is apart of our daily battle.  Volatile barbarianism is what lead to evil associations. An evil association can be foreign nation waiting to attack us but also domestic terrorism could also be the achilles heel. Hayek with no contest is absolutely right. Citizens never blame themselves for their wrongdoings and failed policies.  If citizens of the world truly blamed themselves, we would be forced to answer to the mighty hand of justice in which sometimes the outcome isn’t in our favor.  But we as human beings on planet earth have descended into lifestyle where evil is acceptable across the board

Evil is and forever will be an idea. That is how an evil plan is hatched out. You can’t have evil without highly intellectual  ideas. But what Hayek is so powerfully disputing is how the harrowing cycles of the past often affect us in the future. In the smash hit book ” The Road to Serfdom”, Hayek  states, ” we all are, or at least were until recently, certain of one thing: that the leading ideas which during the last generation have become common to most people of good will and determined the major changes in our social life cannot have been wrong. We are ready to accept almost any explanation of the present crisis of our civilization except one : that the present state of the world may be the result of the genuine error on our own part and that the pursuit of some of our most cherished ideals has apparently produced results utterly different from those which we expected.” In order to decipher what Hayek truly meant, we need to look at the aftermath of World War I, World War II, French Revolution and authoritarian/socialism at the time, and the Treaty of Versailles,  in order to arrive to present day regarding the collectivized policies like Common Core .  Firstly let’s start with the Treaty of Versailles.  The source “Library.thinkquest.org” accurately explains what the Treaty of Versailles was by stating  that, ” this treaty was an agreement between the Allies, the winning countries of WWI, which were mainly France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The treaty was created primarily so that the Allies could decide and agree upon what they wanted to do to the Central Powers, the losing countries of WWI, which were mainly Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.” This was a tactic to make sure that the central powers knew who truly was the boss.

But lest we forget that corruption was happening prior to the Treaty of Versailles. Source “Library.thinkquest.org”, talks about how many of the allied governments were engaging in the macabre of corruption by stating, “Even before The Treaty of Versailles was written, many of the Allied governments, including Italy and Japan, had already made secret treaties with each other, dividing up certain parts of Germany and its colonies. The Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) and other Central Powers, were also to be divided up. In fact, Italy joined the Allies because of Allied promises to divide the Central Powers and give some of the land to Italy if it joined in the war against Germany.”    When entities like Italy and Japan had made secret treaties to divide up Germany and its colonies, this type of corruption could be used as evidence of territorial Fascism.  To tie America into this, President Wilson, although hated by a large sum of Libertarians now, was actually against the idea of these “secret treaties”. According to “Library.thinkquest.org”, President Wilson had a different point of view which was that he , “…didn’t want any terms of the secret treaties to be carried out, but he still felt that Germany should be punished for what it had done. He also wanted to help Germany form a democratic government. He felt that this would help rebuild Europe and prevent future wars.” What President Wilson is doing exactly what Hayek is stating in the first chapter in his book called ” The Road to Serfdom” by stating, “…we find ourselves threatened by evils associate by us.”  But instead of associating with evil, he [President Wilson] himself is doing the evil deed. Although it is admirable that President Wilson was against secret treaties he still was as well as the rest of the allied powers as Hayek put in the first chapter of his book ” The Road to Serfdom” are ” victims of some evil powers.” What the allies were doing was using Germany as the scapegoat. As Hayek said with audacity in his book ” The Road to Serfdom”, the allied powers as well as President Wilson were “…naturally blaming anything but ourselves”. What the allied powers of World War I failed to realize is that they were stirring the plot for the next World War.

It is disputed by many that the Treaty of Versailles and using Germany as scapegoat was the catalyst to the forming of Nazi Germany.  This led to the dark ages with in the German Territory.  Source “Library.thinkquest.org” has clear evidence in regards to the devastating truth about  Germany’s Post-World War I condition.  In the source they state,” The Treaty of Versailles caused Germany to go through a depression, a time when businesses and people lost a lot of money. Due to this depression, many people lost their jobs. People who could not find jobs joined the Communist and National Socialist parties. The National Socialist German Workers Party’s leader, Adolf Hitler, was gaining more and more power because the German people were upset that their government did little to help them and that the government agreed to the Treaty of Versailles. Many Germans were mad that Germany lost so much land because of the Treaty of Versailles, and it had to pay huge amounts of money to Allied countries. They were also mad because the treaty said that Germany alone caused WWI. Many Germans wanted revenge. This is when more Germans began to look up to Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party.”  Due to the fact that the German people couldn’t achieve any success due to the crippling Treaty of Versailles, a gargantuan genocide and National Socialist mind games took place. We must blame the grand catalyst that catapulted World War II into orbit, the Treaty of Versailles.   The allied powers of World War I were hoping for an outcome that would work out in their best interest.  However that outcome would be something completely different. To put it in Hayek’s terms in his book, “The Road to Serfdom”, the outcome was ” so different from our aims-if, instead of freedom and prosperity, bondage and misery stare us in the face.” What Hayek predicts is rather Orwellian. What the Treaty of Versailles and the selfish impulses of the allied powers gave the central powers was not freedom and prosperity. If both parties came to an agreement that freedom and prosperity would organically occur on both sides perhaps World War II would’ve been kept at bay.  What the allied powers of World War I failed to realize was that they[ allied powers] were crippling not only the economic pursuits of Germany as a nation but more importantly they [ the allied powers] destroyed each esteem of the German people.  However, this was perfect timing in Adolf Hitler’s case because he was able to advertise, collectivize, galavanize, and terrorizing the German people into helping him achieve an Aryan race.   We need to understand that when the confidence, social structure, and  economic policies are forced under an unjust treaty: tyranny is plausible.

World War I and World War II are over yes but this is something that we must continue to inspect and investigate from every angle and also realize that we might be repeating the same mistakes. To look at the world to day we are heading towards National Socialist Party like world. It is fascinating though how Hayek had such a perspicacity and a very clear eye of seeing events for what they really were. In this modern age, one could infer that Hayek wouldn’t be surprised by the rampant desire for Socialism. Many often believed that it started with Adolf Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist Party but Hayek brings it way back to the French Revolution.

In Hayek’s book “The Road to Serfdom” , in chapter 2 that is called ” The Great Utopia”,Hayek wrote about why socialism sprung during that iconic event in France’s history. In the beginning paragraph of chapter two in ” The Road to Serfdom”, Hayek states, ” The extraordinary thing is that the same socialism that was not only early recognized as the gravest threat to freedom, but quite openly began as a reaction against the liberalism of the French Revolution, gained general acceptance under the flag of liberty…the French writers who laid the foundations of modern socialism had no doubt that their ideas could be put into practice only by strong dictatorial government. To them socialism meant an attempt to “terminate the revolution” by a deliberate reorganization of society on hierarchical lines and by the imposition of a coercive “spiritual power.”  Hayek points out a clever point by depicting the fear that the French aristocracy had in terms of the revolution. What the French Revolution represented was free thought and  liberalism.  What those higher up in French society needed was a strong authoritative system that would squash the rambunctious and obnoxious power that free thought and liberalism carried and that was socialism.  However, what the revolutionaries didn’t realize was that unjust authoritarian philosophies would be forever perpetual in world history.

Today since Obama has been elected Hayek is once again relevant.  The Obama Administration is doing the same thing that Hitler did especially in terms of education and schooling[Common Core].  These oblivions who desire a Nationalized Education fail to realize that a collectivized educational system will fail. .  Within Chapter 5 of Hayek’s book, ” The Road to Serfdom” titled ” Planning and Democracy”,  Hayek gives a keen observation in regards to a collectivized systems  by stating, ” …the various kinds of collectivism ….differ among themselves in the nature of the goal towards which they want to direct the efforts of society.  But they all differ from liberalism and individualism in wanting to organize the whole of society and all its resources for this unitary end and in refusing to recognize autonomous spheres in which the ends of the individuals are supreme. In short, they are totalitarian in the true sense of this new word which we adopted to describe the unexpected but nevertheless inseparable manifestations of what in theory we call collectivism”. This a perfectly good reason why systems like Common Core are a threat to this nation. When an educational system is collectivized it can create conflict. Not only that Common Core will make the Obama Administration more powerful in a totalitarian aspect .

Frederick M. Hess & Michael Q. McShane  authors of the “National Review” article titled, ” Common Core: A Slippery Slope”, both of them wrote candidly about the problem with the plan by stating, “The Common Core opens the door much wider for Washington to meddle in schooling. The experience of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind Act is instructive. Initially, NCLB limited federal authority over how states would set standards, select tests, and improve teacher quality. In recent years, however, the Obama administration has used its ability to issue “waivers” from NCLB to push states to adopt the Common Core, sign onto certain tests, and evaluate teachers in specified ways.” What the Obama Administration as well as the federal govern are doing is trying to have more government within education.  The states have a right to handle education which ever way they choose as long as the children/adults aren’t getting harmed by the education curriculum within their state(s), why is it an issue if the states do?  If Common Core is put into place, the government will eventually loose sight of every student that participates in the Common Core curriculum.  Hayek in his book, ” The Road to Serfdom” in  Chapter 5 titled ” Planning and Democracy”, Hayek comes to the conclusion that any mind[ those in government who are for Common Core] to handle it. In it he [Hayek] states, “…it would be impossible for any mind to comprehend the infinite variety of different needs of different people which compete for the available resources and to attach a definite weight to each. For our problem it is of minor importance whether the ends for which any person cares comprehend only his own individual needs.” If this policy comes into place the issue will be the oversizing of government. With immigration being the hot potato issue that it is more and more people will be placed under Common Core and the federal government will go into a tailspin trying to figure out how to continue this program smoothly. What Hayek dictates is absolutely true. The mind cannot focus on the infinite needs of everyone. We has a nation are suffering as it is and with one more collectivized policy[Common Core] this country will metaphorically go up into flames.

Hayek is the most important political/economic philosopher of all time. He knew what was going to happen many years to come. From the time that came out in 1944 in which World War II was on its final run, he even knew what the next threat was. We must  nurture Hayek’s pearled oysters of political and economic truth because once The world becomes one rather than “I” as in individualism, the world will collapse like Rome did in 410 and Visigoth like invaders will take over this country and destroy America. With Hayek there is hope.

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