Why running is one of the worst ways to keep fit

Hahaha, for the avid runners out there…hmmm have any of you actually studied what running does long term to the human body?

Amazing how ignorant so many supposedly open minded individuals really are…the true question is really the important one, do they also breed?


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It makes me sad to see people reluctantly running regularly, especially when they are, unknowingly, doing more damage than good

I love running. I used to run 4 to 5 times a week. It is a great way to start the day. It releases the pleasure hormones “endorphins”, sends blood around the body, and provides the gratifying feelings of achievement, progress, and productivity.

I still run occasionally, I support those that enjoy running, and I encourage people to run as long as running is the best form of exercise to help them achieve a specific goal; running a 10k race for instance. That being said, I cringe when people say that running is the best way to lose fat, or get healthy, and when people fail to use their own critical thinking skills to think objectively about health and fitness. In other words, ignoring…

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