OP-ED PIECE: The New Year, The Revolution and will the “Slave-Guilt Complex” continue to allow Barack Obama to destroy this country?.

This year  was a powerful year . The three important figures have cemented their footprint within the mud of our history.  Those brave warriors are : Glenn Greenwald for actually publishing articles regarding the NSA scandal, Edward Snowden who exposed the NSA’s 1984 style wiretappings, and Chelsea Manning who exposed war crime atrocities.  However, this year  Barack Obama was predominantly the most important figure when it comes to the various scandals that have made Washington D.C. worse than the BRAVOtv network. One can not think of a positive new years outlook with the notion of horrible policies such as Obamacare, Common Core, NDAA, and drone strikes looming on our liberty heads. However, we as citizens of this nation must be resilient. Failure may occur but giving up would be the worst action that we could commit. In the name of our founding fathers, with our herculean strength, we must push off the locked down metal foot that is stepping so powerfully on our necks.

This year, the year of 2013, we have managed to take the Obama hope and change blind fold off of SOME of the feeble minded Americans who fell under Obama’s Ceausescu style like reign . However, that is great but some is not the definite/solidified answer that we need.  The way to maneuver such a mission isn’t through the late Ronald Reagan’s theory of the “big tent” but  with the use of social media. These Orwellian tyrants will not be able to dismount once we make the fire stronger.

The most important thing is to demolish the ” Slave-Guilt Complex”. This theory can not only be coined with the way the media lapdogs and felonious cohorts tied with the Obama Administration, but to the history between America and the black community. White America has  destroyed the black community not only on the plantations in the south and the 1960s but also in the 21’st century.   To tie this into the political realm, throughout American history we have only had white heterosexual males as presidents. For example, when Bill Clinton lied about having sexual liaisons with Monica Lewinsky, the whole country violently exploded and an impeachment process followed . When the Watergate Scandal happened Richard Nixon got in trouble for it and later resigned. However, when the verdict of the 2008 election came out and Barack H. Obama was the winner and became the first black president, fanatic liberals and Democrats had their talking point.

Suddenly, questioning President Obama was uncomfortable for the left to stomach. People who questioned his birth certificate were called either “birthers” or “racists”, people who questioned his credentials were considered “racists”, and people who said that they didn’t vote for him were considered “racists”. Now fast forward to 2013, after the Fast & Furious Scandal, the drone strikes that have affected Pakistan and Yemen, and Obama allegedly supporting terrorism in Egypt makes some Americans ONLY slightly weary of President Obama. Weary hasn’t turned into sheer disgust that would lead to President Obama’s life term prison sentence. The reason why that President Obama is given a free pass is due to the fact that he is black. After southern state governments and the Federal government  tortured blacks during many historical moments in America , now that we have the first black president, there is this “casual institutionalized” rule that Obama can do whatever he wants and will not receive any reprimand or jail time. This is something that shouldn’t be allowed. The fact that no one in the Obama Administration or anyone with power  aren’t calling him out and plotting for his arrest really shows that we don’t have leaders we just have jellyfish running this once sovereign nation.

A liberty army like force must eradicate the “Slave-Guilt Complex”. This is what  Democrats or anyone who supports Obama’s felonious empire have used as their nourishment. We must starve these traitors from their catastrophic “Slave-Guilt Complex”. Once the “Slave-Guilt Complex” is destroyed the revolution that we mighty warriors are yearning for will be able to happen.  If we just allow the “Slave-Guilt Complex” to continue to photosynthesize, once 2016 hits, President Obama will walk away without punishment and America will turn into Romania pre-1989.

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