Getting rid of genius – “Genius” is not only a misconception, it’s a threat to all artists

Genius is fine and is really only disliked by those who misuse it most.

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I’ve been trying to get rid of the word “genius” from my vocabulary. It hasn’t been easy. After all, as a society, we love the idea of genius. How else do we reward these creative persons, tastemakers of our generation? The term “genius,” which was once bestowed to individuals truly exemplary at their craft, has transitioned into a phrase more commonly associated with anyone who does anything that we could not do ourselves. The increasing ubiquitousness of the phrase, however, is not the problem.

I’m not here to tell you that Jay-Z has not earned your praise. Nor am I arguing that reaching Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour benchmark is all it takes to be a genius. What I’m arguing is more controversial: Genius is a misconception, and it’s a threat to artists and the artistic enterprise as a whole.

When I was…

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