Life After Death?

I liked this article allot, was well written and to the point.

Arbitrary Authority

I’ve been asked before what I think happens after we die. I’m shocked that this is even considered a valid question for us to entertain. The answer is simple. Just ask yourself what it is that makes us who we are? With advances in neuro-psychology, we’ve been able to contribute specific behaviors and thoughts to specific physical aspects of the brain. And of course we all know that certain drugs and herbs (both physical things) can give someone an altered mental status. Why is that? Because our thoughts and our behaviors can easily be traced to nothing more than the result of various chemical imbalances going on within our brains. Given this, it is obvious that taking in a chemical, such as a drug, will of course have some effect on our mental status, since you’re adding new chemicals to the chemical reactions already occurring within our brains.

So what…

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