Is the 1% crowd right?

Long ago a different me had “friends” who stood with me through thick and thin. We drank, drove and did dubious things together. More importantly we had a brotherhood that made us inseparable. I often reflect on my past and sometimes honestly regret none of my choices except walking away from friends like that.

Trust was earned through hard work and shared experiences. More importantly we knew that none of us would do anything to bring harm to each other intentionally. As a result of things outside of our control we went separate ways and eventually lost touch. I will be honest, I miss the sense of security that came with even such a small group of friends as ours was at the time.

Fortunately there are is a small number of people with whom I have friendships that reflect the closeness that I believe most humans crave. Personally my code with friends is simple and follows.

  • Never ask more then they wish to divulge.
  • Always be willing to lend a helping hand or shoulder if they need help.
  • What they tell me stays with me, always.
  • No one can come in between friends or family, and both understand that.

So maybe the 1% crowd has it right?

After all in this nation of cowards most “friends” stand by and watch while their friends are abused, others film and then post those films and think they are heroes for doing that. What passes for friendship now is nothing like I believe. Of course, everyone is their own individual.

So do you have friends, or acquaintances that you would be better off without?


About Jesse Mathewson

Jesse Mathewson is the author of the popular blog, and provides commentary to many varied places based on a background that includes education in criminal justice, history, religion and even insurgency tactics and tactical training. His current role in his community is as an organizer of sorts and a preacher of community solidarity and agorism. He also runs Liberty Practical Training, a self defense school specializing in the practical applications of defensive approaches versus the theoretical. As an agorist, voluntaryist and atheist his life is seen as crazy and wild by many, though once they get to know him most realize he is a bluntly honest individual who will give you the shirt off his back if he believes it is necessary to help you. Very simple, "That which is voluntary between all individuals involved is always right, if it is not voluntary, it is always wrong."
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2 Responses to Is the 1% crowd right?

  1. 07Negative says:

    I have my Rottweiler. Seems that people in Cali are full of shit and the concept of friendship is shallow. Use you for what you’re worth and on to the next.


  2. jeffreycanthony says:

    I have a very short list and in many ways it works like that.

    In my life, I’ve had to set limits with some, and as my life goes different directions, sometimes I find that many friends don’t keep in touch. I think a lot of people are out of touch with what makes a person, and what makes a friendship. You’ll know when the context that you know someone from is removed or changes and they stop talking to you, that it’s time to reexamine.

    But that core crowd, I’ve lost a few and gained a few over time. It’s one thing to be there when someone is in need, but the problem becomes when the friends are so lost that they put themselves intentionally into situations that are harmful for the people around them. The other is when people assume far too much of a friendship. In both cases, I feel it’s still important to address it with the person and see what direction they take it.

    The other problem I’ve seen come up, spouses and negative situations… I’m still there for friends in those times if they have a true need, but I’ve really had to put serious limits in place when frivolous choices of friends continue to put themselves and possibly myself at risk because of poor relationship choices.


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