Hints for those thinking about being a SOVREEN CITISEN

Today is the first day of December, if you follow the Julian calendar. And since we live in the US of A, no one else matters anyhow. Today is also a Sunday, not really a Sabbath, remember US of A and no one else matters. Sovereign Citizen movement, yeah, I got a beef. 20121222-203655.jpg

It seems that more and more statists are turning to the failed approach of using older arbitrary laws to supersede newer ones. On occasion I will cross paths with a sovereign citizen, and almost always it makes me want to strangle them or shower until my skin falls off. Seriously, how is it even possible that people can be this stupid? I am willing to bet that most of them are former single company investors, small ultimately failed business “professionals” or possibly just three IQ points short of street car racer.

Being an individual who believes in individual. Someone who has actually studied the reality of the law and surrounding system it supports. That which is mutually propped up by layers of systems and people who firmly believe that man made laws are somehow relevant; I cannot stand listening to the insanity that is the sovereign movement. Recent reports show that some are even stealing other peoples homes using ridiculous pieces of paper and bogged down court systems to do it. And so I offer today a quick and dirty guide to prevention of loss to these so called sovereigns. indthought

  1. Question everything they say.
  2. Ask them why they CAPITALIZE things that do not grammatically require it.
  3. Ask them why one law is better then another.
  4. If you find one in your home without invitation, use your superior training and a firearm, most cops will thank you.
  5. If you do not want to involve cops or live in rural areas, locate old abandoned mine shafts, they make great dumping sites.
  6. Sovereigns are just statists without state support, remember that when dealing with them they have no real moral base outside of whatever benefits them and harms others.
  7. When all else fails, just ignore them, everyone else does.

If you cannot tell I really detest those who adhere to the sovereign citizens movement approach in life. Since I have yet to see a single instance outside of traffic tickets where their approach actually works, and being someone who operates in reality, well you get the point. And for the sovereigns reading this, I is not corparaet fickshion an i is caelld JESSe MatheWSON an bi rightin thusly i cando aviod been inkludde un thusly styae appreches.


Free the mind and the body will follow


About Jesse Mathewson

Jesse Mathewson is the author of the popular blog, jessetalksback.com and provides commentary to many varied places based on a background that includes education in criminal justice, history, religion and even insurgency tactics and tactical training. His current role in his community is as an organizer of sorts and a preacher of community solidarity and agorism. He also runs Liberty Practical Training, a self defense school specializing in the practical applications of defensive approaches versus the theoretical. As an agorist, voluntaryist and atheist his life is seen as crazy and wild by many, though once they get to know him most realize he is a bluntly honest individual who will give you the shirt off his back if he believes it is necessary to help you. Very simple, "That which is voluntary between all individuals involved is always right, if it is not voluntary, it is always wrong."
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6 Responses to Hints for those thinking about being a SOVREEN CITISEN

  1. I have met a few self proclaimed SC around the geographical areas some call georgia and south carolina. I had no idea some used this bunk science to get away with crimes of aggression. I think most fell in that first category Tothe pointed out. They do have funny beliefs about court rulings based on whether or not “the flag” has gold trim, but I have never heard of one just breaking into a person’s house on such notions. Many of the ones I know are involved as individualist activists locally. I will heed the warning though.

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  2. Hogeye Bill says:

    The main problem is that they think the State will enforce its laws objectively when it is against its interest to do so. They irrationally think a government will follow its laws and constitutions in its monopoly court. Sure, there is no law saying you have to pay income tax. But police may nevertheless arrest you, and the courts will nevertheless convict you.

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  3. Jacob Tothe says:

    There are two types of Sovereign Citizens. The first is a potential step on the path toward philosophical anarchism where the individual recognizes the authority of every individual to direct his own life, but still clings to the idea that governments have always existed, and can Somehow serve the individual if reduced sufficiently from the present size. These can be cured of their delusions through Bastiat, Mises, and Spooner. The other is the guy who meets your description, seeking ways to initiate aggression against his fellow man under color of laws real or imagined.

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  4. jeffreycanthony says:

    Sounds like i’m blessed to not have run into any of these types. 🙂

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