10 Facts About Psychopaths Discovered in UC Brain Scan Study

This is very interesting information and of course applies directly to almost all political actors


James Fallon, neuroscientist and professor of psychiatry and human behavior at the University of California at Irvine discovered that his brain scans showed he has psychopathic levels in the cerebral cortex associated with empathy, morality, and self-control. Fallon, who adheres to the theory of nature v. nurture, commented: “Since finding all this out and looking into it, I’ve made an effort to try to change my behavior. I’ve more consciously been doing things that are considered ‘the right thing to do,’ and thinking more about other people’s feelings.” Being conscious of his behavior, Fallon has learned to become someone else to function without anyone suspecting he is a psychopath. During an Alzheimer’s study 8 years ago, Fallon found what he believed to be a relative’s brain scan that displayed definite psychopathic tendencies. When Fallon furFallon’s discovery supports theories that genetics plays a part in psychopathic behavior because he is related…

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