More preppers gone crazy…why its important to maintain a grasp on reality

The idea that something terrible is right around the corner has been the modus operandi for every monotheistic Abrahamic religion for the last four thousand years or so. According to followers of any or all of their three main divisions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam they are the only true path. There are many various minor sects and divisions among each of these major religions. In the last couple of millennia government has effectively replaced religion with increasing frequency. 20131115-195144.jpg

Life will at times suck and will at other times be absolutely wonderful. It is up to each individual to find the good and promote that with those they love. With the advent of radio, television and the internet now the kooks are capable of exposing thousands, perhaps millions of blind mice to their version of reality. Thanks to very real events that have occurred daily around the world since the beginning of time these kooks are easily able to draw many easily led sheep from all corners of the globe. 533224_10201086335734113_466050843_n

A suggestion to those who think for themselves and have learned to question everything as they should. Turn off your television, get rid of the pulp fiction that is passed off as future predictions by charlatans and more importantly stop swallowing everything a one time military drop out says as truth. I have been keeping abreast of survival geared events over the past few years, one of those is the Back to the Basics conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. They had for a keynote speaker, James Wesley Rawles, live via teleconference yesterday. Fortunately I did not attend this event, especially with the knowledge that this individual who is inconsistent at best when it comes to freedom and anyone who crosses him would be there.

I do not waste money on learning from people who have no real experience outside of phony credentials that almost every single “intelligence officer” in the army has gathered through any one of a hundred various schools that are offered and or forced on those who volunteered to be bullet stoppers for the power brokers in Washington D.C. I long ago lost respect for those who somehow believe that a military training enables them to be better prepared in the civilian or even survival world. With a few minor exceptions, most military members are barely adequate at best in their current roles. As individuals I have friends and had family involved. No, my freedom is in no way attached to what they do for the government at any given moment. 20130210-101225.jpg

Another fairly recent phenomena is the ridiculous “reality” television shows concentrating on “prepping/survival“. If you desire comedy, watch them, however, if you watch them and take what these morons do as necessary; you are surely reading the wrong damn column. With everything from toothless inbred hillrods talking about taking over towns to barely literate children of former inner city stock brokers building castles these shows are terrible.

seatedrifleReality, or actual occurrences are plentiful enough in daily life to leave most individual thinking persons believing that preparing for the bad times is simply a good idea. Wild fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and more all occur daily across the United States. Every time one of these events occurs the camera focuses on the idiots who live there and have dealt with these things their entire lives but still havent a single iota what personal responsibility means as if they deserve our help. The last time I donated to the Red Cross or any large “charity” was over a decade ago. My time is spent in the here and now with those I care about. I know based on history that the United States is dangerously close to a breakdown and more potential internal strife. I also know that if a nuclear weapon or chemical weapon is detonated close enough for me to need special suits and equipment I will be dead before I get it all on.

IMG_6360Reality, I live in today. I do not spend my entire day dreaming up events in which I can emerge as the new leader for the masses like Rawles and his ilk. Instead, I spend my days enjoying my children. Raising them to respect others as individuals. I do not hide, because no man or woman can hide forever. Rather I simply live my life in a manner that does not cause me to be a threat to others. Sure, many individuals disagree with me and my approach. Rawles has made that clear multiple times in public forums when I approached him about his ridiculousness. I have been threatened by Sheriffs deputies from Texas, Arizona and other states because of my stance regarding the worthless nature of most cops and the system they support. However, none of that keeps me from raising my kids, taking them to museums, zoo’s, camping and more. 20130110-074554.jpg

For those who are wondering I am a fan of M.D. Creekmore simply because he is far more grounded and NOT egotistical like the mental reject Rawles. Creekmore has the decency to be honest and has integrity when responding to other individuals. These are traits of real men, especially of real individuals. Those who presume to be something they are not and make grand waving gestures and promote themselves using shitty army classes disgust me. I dont do crazy, I do reality.

The solution is simple, take your kids camping instead of to a theme park. Spend a tenth of the money and twice the time doing something that will help them understand valuable life skills as well as promoting cohesion in the family. After a lifetime of living in the sticks I can tell you from experience, most of what the “stars” promote will fail or cause you more harm then good. There is no one solution to being prepared, there is only what works for you as an individual in your location now. Growing crops varies from state to state. Water collection varies from state to state. What is edible and or can be easily harvested also varies. 20121227-171054.jpg

So dump the crazy, embrace reality. Reality is shit happens, and only a fool doesnt have a rainy day “prep/fund”. If you move into tornado alley, talk to the old timers who have storm cellars and ask them what they do. If you move into a flood zone, do the same. If you come to high desert, I am more then happy to help. There is no one perfect kit or one way. That itself is crazy talk, every individual has different needs, desires and locations. The hardest thing I have noticed for most people who pack up their lives and move to alternative locations is their inability to leave their former thinking patterns and learn their current location needs. This is why you have Californians moving to Arizona for “freedom” and using their stupid votes to change Arizona into California. Or why you have people who have never ranched moving to areas where people have generations of ranching experience and doing stupid things like reintroducing dead species.

cropped-monkeys-fist.jpgReality is where you are right now is home. Where you are right now is where you should prepare for those things that are most likely to occur. Sure, when there are major changes with government we all get antsy. However, history shows regardless what you do shit is going to happen. It also shows you that no castle is impenetrable and no plan without fault. I train with friends, I do it because I enjoy it. I take it seriously, because I know where I live is more prone to violent home invasion then where I used to live. I also know that forest and house fires are a reality that occur annually across this state. So I have go bags, food, firearms and I train. If it ends up being the government, fuck em, let them come, my training easily crosses over. Especially because I have trained with the military and various law enforcement units. I know what they will use, I know they are almost incapable of individual thought and I know that by varying my tactics they are far less a threat then a forest fire.

Reality- grab it and hold on.

301870_4643987011244_1486831755_nOr Fantasy and crazy, if thats what you prefer, Rawles sells his time for several hundred bucks an hour over the phone, cause he is just that important! If it is survival you want in situations that will occur over your life time, there are people like myself and Creekmore who offer untold amounts of tested and working approaches for the price of a book or nothing but reading time. Dont make the mistake of throwing your life away with stupidity when your kids need you today. As far as the religion that prepping has become for some, stop, take a step back and use your mind.

Free the mind and the body will follow.

*If you want to know more, ask. If you dont, stop reading, remember I dont want to be a leader because I dont know you and I definitely do not care more about you then my family and friends. 😉


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Jesse Mathewson is the author of the popular blog, and provides commentary to many varied places based on a background that includes education in criminal justice, history, religion and even insurgency tactics and tactical training. His current role in his community is as an organizer of sorts and a preacher of community solidarity and agorism. He also runs Liberty Practical Training, a self defense school specializing in the practical applications of defensive approaches versus the theoretical. As an agorist, voluntaryist and atheist his life is seen as crazy and wild by many, though once they get to know him most realize he is a bluntly honest individual who will give you the shirt off his back if he believes it is necessary to help you. Very simple, "That which is voluntary between all individuals involved is always right, if it is not voluntary, it is always wrong."
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