More New Mexico cops showing that it is DEFINITELY something in the water

If they are from Tennessee no wonder she is so flighty with them. Goddamn fucking cops, goddamn them. Was there a reason to make sure she and the kids were okay, sure, was there a reason to fire on them? No.

On a positive note today, I was pulled over while driving through the sprawling Huachuca Fort outside of Sierra Vista, Arizona. It was a DA police officer, a federal ground pounder not an MP. In the recent years they have almost entirely switched base security too non military federal employees.

Given that I had not been paying attention to the road or my speed while I do not believe speed limits need exist, I also do my best to show my kids that we should always be responsible for our actions. I pulled over and politely handed the required information to the officer. He very politely let me know what I had done and proceeded to let me know where other speed changes had recently occurred.

After a few short minutes, thanks to my desire to keep a clean “record” as much as possible, he returned and handed me my paperwork. He then stated he was just warning me and that he appreciated my being polite with him. AFTER all was said and done, I stated to him that I was also appreciative that he had shown my children two valuable lessons in one day.

  1. Even dad has to be honest and honesty often has positive consequences.
  2. Not all police men are bad,

He kind of stepped back, grinned a bit and said thank you. To which I said, hey, honesty man.




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