Contest entrant #4: The case against government-Version 1.0, Tom Weiss

I’ve been a Libertarian, and strict Constutionalist, seeing the structure set up by the Constitution (in its original form) as a sort of Roach Motel for power­mongering sociopaths, a place where they chew on each other rather than on the rest of us.
Seriously, it was a beautiful thing. The senate was elected by the legislative bodies of the several states, so the house had a hard time getting stuff through it, and unfunded mandates were just about impossible.

The winner of the presidential election had to have their opponent, the one who got the second most votes, as the vice president. Not much cooperation there. The vice president presides over the senate, and in the event of a tie, casts the swing vote ­ which was usually in opposition to the president’s preference, since there was normally so little love lost between them. The senate confirms the supreme court justices and the president’s cabinet members. If a candidate was revealed (through a much more probing and bare­knuckled confirmation hearing process) to be in any manner opposed to the sovereignty of the several states or of the individuals composing them, they were outta there.

All the various parts of the federal government were set up to struggle with each other, leaving the rest of us alone. But, then amendments after the Bill of Rights (like the 16th & 17th amendments) happened, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 happened, and the supreme court lost sight of its constitutional duty (ruling based on precedent, rather than on the wording of the Constitution itself in the context of the Federalist Papers, the Antifederalist Papers, and the founder’s memoirs was a huge mistake), resulting in the explosively blossoming all­intrusive vicious tyranny we see now.

They call us “consumers” to our faces and “useless eaters” behind our backs. The Bill of Rights has become an ever more restricted and strictly enumerated list of rights (just
as the Anti­Federalists predicted), while Article One Section Eight of the Constitution for the United States of America has become a tiny subset of the vast number of powers the federal government has arrogated unto itself.

Voting has become (or maybe even always was) just a strategy used by those sociopathic
monstrosities to blame their victims and as justification for their crimes. And with the advent of electronic voting? FUGGETABOUDIT. I have come to the conclusion that all of history proves that the State (of any form) will always abuse its collective power, and thus does not work ­ because of Human nature. We aren’t ants. We aren’t bees. We don’t exist as collective hive minds.

We exist as individuals.

Government, in any form, is by necessity a collective, with interests that inevitably diverge from those of the individuals composing it. This always evolves into tyranny. To see the increasingly probable future we are heading towards at high velocity, take a tour of any large corporate industrial chicken farm. The actual technological state of art is much more advanced than that which you see around you or have even heard about.
An invention’s potential for good, for the benign benefit of Mankind is usually equal to its potential for evil, for the infliction of harm to individuals and/or large groups of people.
The more fundamental an invention is, the closer its operating principles are to basic aspects of the universe’s core geometry and physics, the larger such potential becomes ­ for benefit and/or harm.

There are forces in this world that work ceaselessly to ensure that the harmful potential of any given invention is developed first, and furthermore kept secret ­ thus suppressing the development of its beneficial potential. An example of this is Group 220.
It takes 25 years or longer for classified information to be declassified, potentially much longer for highly fundamental inventions.­faq.html
This puts the ethical inventor (one who yearns to benefit Mankind, to improve distribution technology in order to relieve hunger, to provide Mankind with access to power sources that don’t “crap in the nest” as it were, to provide access to resources in the asteroid belt and beyond) in a bit of a quandary. Such inventors must avoid the patent system entirely, and if possible implement the invention using trade secrecy, never revealing key aspects of the manufacture and operating principles of the invention’s embodiment. The extremely fundamental can also be the most obvious, the simplest. Such inventions are difficult if not impossible to protect through trade secrecy. In such cases the inventor, (should the inventor wish to prevent its harmful application) must
remain silent, taking the idea to the grave, full of regret, sorrow, and frustrated potential, seeing situations that could have been so much better if not for the perpetual lust for weaponry.

This is a truly awful thing.

It has also resulted in the creation of a “second tier” of technology, 30 years or more in advance of what most are even peripherally aware of. Technology biased towards harm, and under the sole control of the inhumanly malign. Big drones launch smaller drones, casting their shadows upon the roofs of the sleeping. The smaller drones spew trails of insect drones, drifting through the air like smoke…The insect drones are persistent, recharging themselves by perching on power lines, finding all the little ways into the houses…They gather in the bedrooms, landing on the faces of the sleeping ­ Men & Women, the blissfully dreaming innocent little faces of the Children…There to inject their cargo of nanites, establishing cerebral control, enabling IPv6 addressable termination at will, ensuring rigorous compliance with all of the State’s statutory & regulatory dictatorial demands…

It’s For The Children, you see.­hardware/epfl­curvace­artificial­compound­eyes­for­drones­drone­surveillance­swarms­cyborg­insect­drones­uav­v/­android­sprint­us&rlz=2Y1MWHT_enUS0537US0537&biw=360&bih=640&site=webhp&ei=eid3UpL­GojgsATIyIHoAw&q=Insect+drones+&oq=Insect+drones+&gs_l=mobile­gws­serp.3..0l4j0i22i30.6369.17918.0.21975.….0…­gws­serp..0.10.2173.Z0TZtCM­odA

And for the scientifically sophisticated:

Remember, add at least 30 years of classified progress to what you see…

In conclusion:
[1] “If men are good, you don’t need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don’t dare have one.”
[2] “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.”
[3] “A limited government is a contradiction in terms.”
­ Robert LeFevre (10/13/1911–11/13/1986)

That just about says it all, IMO.

To escape from the cell, you must first open your eyes, and see the



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