Self-Defense Tip: Say NOTHING to the Police After a DGU #SelfDefense #Survival

Yes and no, this technique has failed quite spectacularly. Say as little as possible, yes. But nothing, eh, unless they can vindicate at the scene you will end up in jail, and perps talk like victims, which means you end up in jail. Rather then go through that, learn a simple set of easily repeated steps.

1. That (individual, sic.,) assaulted me
2. The evidence is (there and there)
3. I will sign the complaint
4. I will speak with you further after I have spoken too my attorney.

Easy, makes you a “victim” and shows willingness to cooperate with intelligence of ability as well as knowledge of actual legal proceedings.

Duct Tape & Paracord

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By Robert Farago on November 1, 2013

How many cops does it take to charge an innocent man with murder? (courtesy

Over at, Dan Meadows of The Shooting Channel has plenty of advice for armed Americans who find themselves involved in a defensive gun use (DGU). It’s all solid, reliable stuff. Except for this. “Advise the officers that the suspect/subject who attacked you or caused you to feel that you or someone else’s life was in imminent danger. Let them know that you felt that you were about to be attacked, or that you were attacked by the suspect or intruder. Advise the officers or detectives that you were in fear of your life, based upon the actions of the attacker or intruder, and that you had no other alternative but to use deadly force in order to protect yourself or other’s lives.” Yes, well, no. Last week, I spoke with a Texas cop at Starbucks about this…

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