Survival Gardening Takes Practice

Practice makes perfect!

Sensible Survival

Any of you who are experienced gardeners will recognize these simple truths.

 (1) It takes practice to become a successful gardener.

(2) Gardening skills developed in one location will not necessarily transfer to another location

(3) Even the most experienced gardeners have bad years

 Let me address these statements one at a time:

 (1) It takes practice to become a successful gardener.

 It never fails to amaze me that perfectly intelligent and rational people think that they can read a book about gardening, buy some seeds, and think that they will be able to produce enough food to feed themselves and their family in an emergency.  If you told the same person that they could read a book about golf, go buy some clubs, and then provide for their family by becoming a professional golfer; they would say that you were crazy.  Making things grow is a pretty complicated skill…

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