The Bible and the Sex Industry – Part 22 – Application: Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

Decriminalize it, and all drugs!

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Ok. Time to apply the Bible to action.  The first issue I want address is the sex industry that is currently illegal in the United States and that is namely prostitution.  The advocates of legalizing prostitution point to several reasons why prostitution should be decriminalized.  1) Reduces the Influence of Organized Crime, 2) Better Health Controls, 3) Less Exploitation of Under Aged and Vulnerable, 4) Increased Tax Revenue and 5) Nothing morally wrong with prostitution so why is it a crime?  Oddly enough more people according to some polls advocate the legalization of prostitution than same-sex marriage.

The call of the Christian is not to, however, follow public opinion but Christ.  The problem is the Bible does not advocate prostitution as something the people of God should engage in but on the other hand it also does not seem to advocate social involvement where we are forcing people to follow our morality at least when…

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