How to make a # 10 can oven

I am quite happy to repost yet another wonderful piece of advice from a true survival website. Not like some of those sites that push the high cost prepping tools and ignore reality. This is The Survivalist, with the venerable M.D. Creekmore at the helm, much love and respect!


In this as in every thing else I build, I strive to use or reuse what is around me. What with our economy in the toilet, everyone I know is trying to save every penny they can or at least that’s what they tell me.

Last winter I was really wanting some bread to go with some stew I’d fixed. It had snowed and we had several inches to a foot here in the foothills. I didn’t really want to get out and try to drive to town. Sitting and casting my eyes about my modest cabin I saw a # 10 can that had had beans in it. I can only warm myself for so long with beans……..

My primary source of heat and cooking in the winter is a Vogelzang box wood stove. I can make a mean stew or any thing fried on it.

Since it was empty, I sat for a while turning it over and decided I would try to make an oven from it. I trimmed about a 1/4 of an inch from the lid or top if you will. This is so the empty can, once inverted will set down over the lid which is the cooking plate. Thinking I would need a trivet I emptied a 7.5 ounce salmon can. I went on to make salmon patties, yum…Continued at the following link.

How to make a # 10 can oven.


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