Notorious anti-immigration Arizona sheriff wants fleet of drones

I detest this man and most home grown Arizonans agree, he is a shitty person…a politican and that is all


sherifYet another law enforcement agency is looking to acquire a fleet of surveillance drones, but don’t act too surprised. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the controversial lawman from Maricopa County, Arizona, is interesting in adding drones to his arsenal. Arpaio, 81, has made headlines before over his vehement stance against immigration and his thoughts about United States President Barack Obama. Now he’s in the news again, and this time because he wants to bring unmanned aerial vehicles to Maricopa County to protect its almost 4-million residents. “I want two of these drones, unmanned and of course unarmed,” Arpaio told local network ABC15. The US Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation already have drones on the ready that can be deployed during emergency situations, and dozens of small law enforcement agencies and organizations as of late have applied for permits to control unmanned aerial vehicles in a limited airspace. Now Arpaio…

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